Sunday, May 24, 2009

My physical and spiritual garden!!

One of the things that I have looked forward to ever since I first discovered we were moving back to Indiana was getting to have a garden again! Gardening in Florida was too big of a challenge - living a mile from the ocean meant the soil was sand! Anyway, Dave spoke with our landlord a few weeks ago and asked about having a small garden in our backyard and they consented. So - yesterday was planting day! Dave had already plowed up the spot but due to a lot of rain, there was no planting to be done. We got our seeds and plants yesterday, roped off the rows and planted the garden! Dave and I were so excited!
This is the beginning!

My "master" gardener!!

I can't believe I am posting this picture but I am and will see if I can laugh about it at some point!!

All done!! Its not huge but it is ours and that is all the matters!

I forgot to take a picture but up by the house, we planted a few tomato plants and three pepper plants also! I can't wait for fresh tomatoes!!!!!
So - while I was doing all this, I got to thinking about my spiritual garden. I wonder if I am up for the challenge of the thinning out and the weeding as I grow! This probably won't make sense to anyone and I am actually just thinking this out as I type. I think for my sanity - I need to leave this and come back to it when my mind is not so tired. I just have been thinking a lot about spiritual growth ever since Pastor Johnson preached a message about it a few weeks back. One thing I have learned is that growth can be painful but the end result is oh so precious!! I think that I will blog about this again later! Guess you will have to check back now, huh?!?! :))


Donna Paul Gerdts said...

Love it! Seems so peaceful.....a great place to go to just "think"...Hope your day is BEAUTIFUL!!

LINDA said...

Leah, I am Carol Glass's cousin. I have known your husbands parent's for years. I have been following your blog for some time. Your husband preached tonight at CCA Camp in Thomasville,NC. He preached a good message.
We are looking forword to your son & his wife to be at camp for the weekend. My husband was in the MARINE'S.year's ago. He thinks the Marines are great.
Hope you are having a great week. I know you miss your husband. He said he is 41, my son was 41 Apr.22
Tell Carol "Hello" for me.
Linda Hudson