Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I am Thankful For

1) God's grace - where would we be without it??
2) Diet Mt Dew - where would I be without it sometimes?!
3) My husband - he is just simply the BEST!!
4) Stove Top Stuffing - just positively delicious!
5) David - my FAVORITE Marine and best number 1 son!!
6) Cell phones - mine never leaves my side!
7) Christa - best daughter-in-law and mommy-to-be ever!!
8) Football - just makes me smile!
9) Carrie - my favorite oldest daughter whose giggle makes me crack up!!
10) Black house slippers - nothing more comfortable!
11) Josh - my favorite number 2 son who never fails to make me smile!!
12) Have I mentioned Diet Mt Dew yet?!?!
13) Ashley - my favorite youngest daughter who keeps things VERY interesting!!
14) Teddy bears - have you seen my house lately?!?!
15) Andrew - my favorite number 3 son "one-of-these-days" who is nuts about Ashley!!
16) Chocolate - a necessary evil in my book!!
17) Friends - too many to name but I will anyway at the risk of leaving someone out - Tara (my bestest Florida friend), Donna (my old work buddy I miss lots), Jackie (my full-of-life Florida friend), Angie (my Frankfort cookie buddy), Beth and Kim (my "what do we do with adult children buddies) and many more I am sure I do not have enough room to mention!
18) And of course - Diet Mt Dew. Not sure I have said that yet!!
19) My church - so glad I am attending where I am!!
20) And last - I am just thankful in general that God has blessed me way more than I deserve and I want to learn to do a better job of expressing my thanks to HIM!!


CrazieChrisa said...

We are thankful for you too, Mom! Love ya!

Angie Davis said...

Great--now I want cookies!!! :o)

Tara said...

I made the list! Thanks for listening to me the other day. We need a Chili's lunch date soon! Miss ya!

Donna Pedersen Gerdts said...

I was just going to leave you a note about not being on your "Thankful" list - then I decided to READ the list and THERE I WAS!!!! Ahhhh......

Yesterday we passed a green Altima and I said "I miss Leah so much"! Hope your day is AWESOME!!!

kimboray said...

Love your "thankfulness list"! So glad you moved to Frankfort! You are a great friend! Love ya! Kim Waggoner