Saturday, January 9, 2010

Praying with Vision

I started a blog about Christmas complete with pictures and all but it just isn't "working" for me right now! So I am changing plans! And - since it is my blog, I can do that! :))

The other day I was listening to Moody radio and Dennis and Barbara Rainey were talking about praying for our children. I really enjoyed the program but one thing really spoke to me and that was one of their guests saying that when they prayed for their children, they prayed with vision. I have been thinking about this all week. Here is what I think about that - when I think about praying for my kids with vision, the danger is I feel like I am praying for them to "turn out" the way I want them to. Does that make sense? We are all normal when we have ideas as to how we think our kids should live their lives. But I am of the opinion that this needs to go MUCH deeper than that! Its easy for us to say that we want our kids to be "all they can be for God" but is that just an easy way to pray? Maybe I am just making things more difficult than what they really are but I have definitely made some changes in the way I pray for my kids. There are so many things out there that are vying for the attention of our young families. The devil would like nothing more than to have them get their eyes off of serving God completely and living true holy lives. But - is that my vision of a true holy life or is that God's version of a true holy life? Trust me, if I did not believe in the way I live my life, I wouldn't live it this way! What is the point of doing something if you don't believe it with your whole life?? And no, I don't think that my kids have to live just like me in order to be "right". When I take a good look at what is going on in the world around me, I know that the only tool I have is prayer and I had better be putting it to good use!

So - I have been trying to pray for my kids with vision but praying it in alignment with God's vision that I see in His Word! I don't think I can go wrong there! One thing along this line of thought that also really helps me is knowing that Jesus takes the stuttering and messed up prayers I try to pray for my kids and polishes them alllllll up and then tells my Heavenly Father what I really meant to say. That gives me all the hope in the world!

If you care to, tell me how you pray for your kids! And remember, while anyone can respond, I am at the stage in my life where I have two kids that are gone from home and the last one with one foot out the door! So, praying for wisdom in potty training is a little late for me!! :)) Seriously though, I am very interested in what you have to say so feel free to comment!


Anita Marie said...

I don't have any children. But, regarding anything I pray about I ask God to teach me how to pray. Like you said...I may be praying for things to turn out the way I want it. I am so glad Jesus does polish up our prayers (like you said) before they get to the Father.

Anonymous said...

Stormie OMartian has a book out called Praying for your adult children. I haven't read it, but I plan to. I like her writings.

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for writing that Leah...I really enjoyed reading it and I really like the way you said gave me some great advice.

I'm barely out of the potty training prayer stage and no where near the almost empty nest stage but I am so aware of the huge responsibility of teaching and training these four little people God entrusted to mine and Rick's care...I feel the responsibility of it so very much. I think at this stage in my life I often find myself praying for me even more than them as in asking God for wisdom and guidance to be the right kind of Mommy...I want to make it easy for my children to serve God and help them realize the joy that comes from serving Him.

I'm so glad you wrote that and I'm so glad I was able to read it...I'll think of what I just read often, good stuff.