Monday, October 31, 2011

I Am Not Dead! Yet!!

I looked at my blog this morning and realized that I have not updated things for a couple of months. I need to do better at this! There are lots of thoughts and "stuff" going on in my head but I am not sure they are "blog worthy". Anyway - time will tell!

About the only thing going on right now is a lot of wedding planning! We are definitely on the home stretch with the last wedding in this Fulton household! The big day is fast approaching!!

I am pretty confident that the bride-to-be will be super excited for Saturday to get here! You see, that is when the fun begins! Carrie and Josh arrive Saturday! David, Christa and Addison will be here Tuesday as will Briana - THE best friend from Florida! So you see, once Saturday arrives all will be right in the bride's world!

I don't have much time for any more. I will definitely post some pictures here when the big event is over. In the meantime I will leave you with this thought - make the most of every minute you have with those closest to you! Things change very quickly!


Tara said...

Ummmm, there are some other people arriving on Tuesday as well!

Stephanie said...

What a busy momma! This season of your life has certainly been an interesting one! Thanks for letting us know you're still alive. :-)

The Dickinsons said...

Can't wait to see pics of the special day! I can't believe that soon all your kids will be married! Wow! You are right, I'd better go and spend hug my 5 children close...for "tomorrow" they will grow up and be gone!