Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daybook September 5, 2012

I shall start this post by first wishing my favorite oldest son a very happy 25th birthday! I can't believe that it has been 25 years ago that I had a true "labor" day weekend. :)) I wouldn't trade him for anything!! Now, on to my daybook for the day! :)

Outside our window: It is a gloomy looking fallish looking day. Now that it seems fall is in the air, my flowers outside are growing better than they have all summer!

I am listening to: Southern Gospel Music on Pandora. I love Pandora! I can listen to a variety of Christian music anytime I want to and I really enjoy that!

I am thankful for: A fun weekend with a family gathering of aunts, uncles, cousins, and more! We don't get together often but when we do, the laughter and fun times are awesome!!

In our kitchen: There are cookies for Kid's Club at church tonight that I am trying to avoid! Of course they are chocolate chip cookies which are my very favorite!! I will not say if any of the dough did NOT make it to the cookie sheet! :))

Around our house: I am smelling the rest of the vanilla candles burning before I change them out for the only other scent my hubby cares for - hazelnut cream! :) The fall decorations are slowly making their way out and about! Love fall but do NOT like what comes after that!

With our kids: Pretty much the same as before - waiting patiently on the arrival of our "little man"!! I am beginning the shopping for baby and kid stuff this house needs! You know, like a high chair or booster seat, pack n' play (which I have), toys (which should be NO problem) and all that other "stuff" we may need! I guess there is more shopping in my future which is really no problem!!

What I am pondering: Why people feel that Facebook is the place to air all their dirty laundry. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating that is and to be more blunt, nothing that would please Jesus. I know that families and friends all have issues and go through tough spots but why in the world does all that need to be made public?? I have been making a conscious effort to watch my words.

In my praying: I must say it centers completely on my children. I know that some would say that makes my world small but my husband and my children ARE my world. I have been asking the Lord to help me pray more specifically for my kids and to show me what I need to pray! And, He has been helping me do just that!

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