Sunday, April 27, 2014

Daybook April 27th, 2014

Outside my window:
It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, the windows are open and the breeze is blowing my curtains around.

Out in the kitchen:
Confessing that there are some dirty dishes in the sink but they aren't calling my name right now. There is more food in the fridge and sitting around than we are used to but the explanation to that will be somewhere in this blog!  :)  I must confess that my eating habits are not all that great right now but I am seriously hoping to change that soon.  And, my new favorite meat is a pork roast cooked overnight in the crock pot!

The rest of my house:
So the reason for the extra food is the same reason there is baby stuff sitting everywhere.  Josh and Carrie  moved back to Frankfort a little over a week ago and have been staying here until their apartment is ready. That means Andrew and Ashley have been here more frequently.  So - I have a baby swing borrowed from a neighbor, a stroller, a little rocker bed (because I have no idea what it is really called), a pink little tykes car, a bag of toys, and that is just what I can see from my spot!  And just in case you misunderstand me or or in the off chance one of my kids reads this blog - I am NOT complaining in the least!  I am glad we can help our kids but I am pretty sure they are MORE than ready to get settled in their own place!

What I am reading:
I am still working my way through my Bible chronologically with an app on my phone.  I will admit that I have missed a few days here or there and clicked on the button to "catch me up" more than once.  Strange thing - I ended up reading the Easter story the week leading up to Easter.  It was so special to me!  And now, I am reading the book of Acts and must admit I am preferring it by far over the book of Chronicles!  :)

What I am looking forward to:
Dave has tilled up the garden spot and will be getting it all planted in the next day and a half before he heads out for a revival.  I LOVE looking out my bedroom window and watching all that lovely produce growing in my back yard!  And, I am so excited about spring and summer!  Love, love being outside and I am trying desperately to figure out more ways I can be out there even with working full time!

New at church:
We are getting ready to say goodbye to dear Pastor Mowery and his wonderful wife!  I don't think they are going far because there is no way they would want to leave their next door neighbors!  :)  But, we are also saying a hello (of sorts since they are already here) to our new Pastor Fry and family.  Looking forward to what is happening here!

News of the family:
Dave is busy as usual with all his many jobs but NEVER, and I do mean NEVER too busy to play with his grandbabies!  David and Christa along with Addison and David are plugging merrily along in Florida!  I think they should come live close to me and while I am in serious discussions with God about that, HE is telling me to mind my own business!  :)  Josh, Carrie and Molly are here now and having LOTS of adjustments to make but I will admit that my heart rejoices at them following God's will.  Andrew, Ashley and Estaley are are entering the world of very mobile toddlerhood and attitude "adjustments" and I promise I only laugh when no one is looking!  :)  I text my six "kids" on a frequent basis to remind them to follow God with their whole heart and leave the devil no room to cause trouble!  Ask them - they will tell you I am GOOD at passing on that advice!  :)

What I am learning:
Trusting God for big things, setting aside ANYTHING that takes my time from HIM, living clear in HIS eyes at work while taking care of "issues" that come up, making sure my lifestyle, standards and convictions are glorifying to HIM and not others, remembering that my kids and grandkids will not forget the TIME I spent with them.  And, that prayer is THE answer!

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