Monday, May 21, 2007

A Few Shots of the Weekend

This was probably the highlight of Carrie's day! We went to the cafeteria to drop off some stuff on our way to the church for graduation Friday night and Austin was in the process of putting this vase of flowers on her table. He was in hopes of surprising her AFTER graduation but that didn't work out!! Let's just say she was a little excited!

Since David was unable to come to graduation, we had to get him in the pictures someway! I know that he is very proud of his sister and missed being with us but she is just as proud of him!
That is all for this blog but I am going to just type one up next to give you all the details of the weekend. Not that it matters but at least I will feel like I have accomplished something great and wonderful!!


maryellenhuff said...

Very sweet of him - they look good together!!!

Aimee said...

Aww how's that Ashley-girl doin?

CrazieChrisa said...

VERY cute:-D Sooo do ya'll miss me yet???;-) Hahaha..jk

Leah said...

Aimee, Ashley has her own blog but she doesn't have a lot of time right now!
Christa - we miss ya like crazy!!

CrazieChrisa said...

I miss you guys too! Really bad!!! Susan still hasn't had the baby:-( Ohh well...hopefully it will get here before David does:-D