Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Blubberings of the Insane One

Good morning all! Every time I sit down and think about getting this blog updated, something else happens to take my mind off it! It is a little slow at work at the moment so thought I would update. Maybe this is more to make me feel better (or worse, we'll see).
Let's see - where do I start?!?! First of all, there is quite a bit of sickness going around and I do not feel all that great and this is positively NOT the time for me to get sick!! My stomach is slightly "off" so not eating much. Hey - maybe I will lose some weight!!
Carrie returned home from her Senior Trip last night around 11. We were all very excited to see her and glad she had a great trip. Lots of interesting things happened but I guess I need to let a little more time pass before I say too much about that!! She hit the ground running this morning thought - much to do before Friday night. They had to go to choir this morning since they sing in the baccalaureate service tonight. Then they had to pick up their caps and gowns and be ready for practice at 1:30. She has 2 college exams to study for today so she can take them tomorrow. Her room - oh my - what happened to it is beyond description!! Then of course the main event Friday night! She will be somewhat busy over the next few days.
Ashley has been sick with a bad cold all week but has managed to keep going! I got her a personal day for Friday and she is happy about that. She was a big help to me last night getting lots of work done around the house! I am glad she is helpful and she didn't even "grouch" too much about it!!
My husband is absolutely wonderful!!! He has done a LOT of work in the girls bathroom and last night, he finished up by painting it! It looks 100% better and I am so thankful that he did that! I know he was completely exhausted when he went to bed!
So - today I am working and at lunch time you will find me running through Wal-Mart! Tonight is the Baccalaureate and still more work to be done around the house! Tomorrow is work again and then company for dinner. Hmmmm....wonder if my son is worried about that?!?! Then Friday morning I am off on a blistering fast-paced shopping flight through the mall to find Carrie a graduation outfit and shoes. That could prove to be very interesting. Then it is back to make sure the house is in tip-top shape for the inlaws and then off to the cafeteria to decorate and get the food ready for the part for after graduation! Yea - I think maybe it will be a busy time! Maybe you can look forward to some pictures sometime next week but I would simply NOT hold my breathe!!!


CrazieChrisa said...

What am I chopped liver?? I helped clean alil last night;-) Hahahaha!!!! SOrry, I could resist:-D Hope you have a great day and DON"T over do it tooooo much:-D Hahahaha! C-ya tonight!

maryellenhuff said...

Better stock up on some diet Mt. Dew - it looks like you are going to need the caffeine!

Ashley said... me! we've got like 5 2liter bottles at home, and a 24 pack of cans, but i have a feeling my parents will soon b makin another trip 2 get more!!! ;)

maryellenhuff said...

Do they have an AA for Mt. Dew addicts!?!?!

I didn't see Carrie after the thing tonight, I wanted to tell her congratulations on a job VERY well done - please tell her for me.