Friday, May 11, 2007

The Marine - Sorry Christa

Some of you may understand this and some of you may not but I am really doing this only to be ornery and I guess maybe she should get used to it!!!

Sorry Christa!! I waited for as long as possible for you to post the picture of David in his dress blues but I simply couldn't wait any longer!!

For Christa's family - if you need any information or should I say ammunition about the above pictured individual before the grand meeting in a couple of weeks, please feel free to contact me and I will give you all kinds - both good and bad!!!!

For the honest record, this is my son and I am as proud of him as can be and he is truly the best son I have!!!!


CrazieChrisa said...

You are sooooo EVIL;-) Now I know where David gets it:-D Hehehe...

maryellenhuff said...

Until he gets married MOM still comes first and all the rights that entails...such as posting pictures.... "-)

~Heather~ said...

Such a nice looking picture. I'm sure you are proud of him, you have right to be. Glad you posted it. Also, was glad to find his blog last night and we visited it, and commented too.


Love, Heather =)

Angie Davis said...

Leah, your son looks great in that uniform. You must be very proud! When you have time, I'd love to get an address or email for your Mom. You can just leave it on my blog.