Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Momma

I know - I know!! I am VERY far behind when it comes to blogging about my Mom! Let's just say that more than one thing has transpired since Mothers Day!
My Mom just left Florida last Thursday to go to IN to live with my sister. Mom has been working here full time but physically she just can't do it anymore. She can't financially afford to stay here unless she is working full time so she has made the decision to move in with Sandy.
I have a very unique relationship with my Mom but the bottom line is that she is a wonderful, Godly woman! I love to tell her story to let other people know that God as His hand on people even when they don't think so. Mom grew up on a farm in Ohio and when she was in her early teens, went to a local church for a revival and became a Christian. She never had the support of her family and desperately wanted to go to Bible School after graduating from high school at 16 but Grandpa absolutely refused to allow her to go. She got a job and eventually met my Dad who lived in the same area. A few years and 3 children later, she was not doing well emotionally at all. One evening, after feeding the family, she went for a walk down to the bridge and decided to jump off the bridge and end her life. BUT....God spoke to her and asked her to give Him one more chance. The little church she had attended "happened" to be in revival and she walked in the door and went forward and asked God to forgive her of her sins. She went home a changed person. A short while later, my Dad became a Christian and felt called to become a preacher. Another child was born, and then a year later, my "special" brother came along and lived for a few short hours before going on to heaven. And then.....the best came last....ME!!
Through the years my Mom has proven to me over and over that faith in God can bring you through the darkest circumstances. My parents were always "hand in hand" and when God decided to take my Dad to heaven waaaaaaaaaay to early, a part of Mom went along. She has done all kinds of things in her life in the way of jobs but she never got away from the fact that she is what she is because of the grace of God. Both of my parents taught me that when you prayed, you expected an answer. Not always the answer we wanted but an answer nonetheless!!
I have what I call an interesting family but the truth is that not a single one of us can EVER question the fact that our Mom loves God and lives her life solely to please Him. I thank God every day for the heritage I have and am doing my very best to pass it on down to my children.


CrazieChrisa said...

You have learned alot from her! Because your kids know that their momma loves God too!!! You and David have been great examples for David and I! Thanx for all you have done for us, the advice you have given, and the prayers you have prayed! You both mean so much to us!!! Luv you lots!!!!!

maryellenhuff said...

Very nice tribute to your Mom Leah.

Angie Davis said...

I love your Mom!