Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stealing Hearts

As you may know, David spent this past weekend in Georgia with his girlfriend. On her blog, she talked about Alexis, her sisters foster child, that wrapped David around her pinkie finger. Well, this is another one who has him wrapped up the exact same way. This is my very good friend Tara's daughter, Cassady. This little girl grabbed David a couple of years ago and he thinks she is tops! I was talking to David last night and told him that he was becoming quite the ladies man but he just bemoaned the fact that they were so young!!!! I must be honest though and admit that he does have an awesome girlfriend.
I hope I don't get in trouble for this but I received an email from someone who told me how much they appreciated the fact that David was trying to be a spiritual leader in his relationship with Christa and for the record, NOTHING has made me any happier. Maybe - just maybe - something his dad and I taught him has stuck after all!!! (Wonder what comments will be left by the Marine and his girl?????)


CrazieChrisa said...

Yeah, he does have a pretty awesome girlfriend, if I say so myself!!! Hahahaha!!! I think David and I are just gonna have to adopt Alexis and Cassady;-) Hahahaha! Just kidding! We love you guys!!!! There how was that for a comment????;-)

Ashley said...

heeheehee!!! mom....u r so funny! :)

MARINE said...

i cant help it if i am so attractive. i just wish it was older girls. j/k. i have the best girlfriend in the world. i wouldnt trade her for anything. i love her with all my heart.i just cant decide what to do with the two other girls.