Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blog Bumps

So....the other day I was messing around on my blog and I think I clicked some buttons which caused people to be unable to comment. You see, I am not the most computer literate person on the planet so these bumps that hit are all self-inflicted. Anyway, it should be fun as we continue to learn about blogging and what to click and what NOT to click. In the meantime, if you wanted to leave a comment and were unable to, I think you should be able to now! Only time will tell!!


~Heather~ said...

Hey, Leah, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Yes, Lord willing you should be able to see my parents at the Friends camp in Aug. They should arrive in IN sometime today...Lord willing! YEA!

God bless you,
Love, Heather =)

Angie Davis said...

I've accidentally done that to my blog twice. i also tried comment moderation, but it was such a hassle that I decided it would be easier to watch for wacky comments and just delete them.