Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My almost 16 year old's surprise!

My youngest daughter is turning 16 later this month. I know - I look sooooo young that is hard to believe!! (Gag me!) Anyway, once I figured out that she was going on a TLC trip, I started planning a new room as a surprise for her. Trust me - this was no easy task! For a little background, the last time I redid the bedrooms, two months later, Hurricane Francis came and decided she wanted the roof of our house as a souvenior so both bedrooms were redone in a "beautiful" water-logged and wind-swept design!
Anyway, Ashley left on Monday and we started in that night!! I could have never made it without the help of my wonderful husband!! He moved her furniture while I was at work, took all the stuff off the walls and helped me paint! Her walls are pink, the trim is green, the bed is purple and there is yellow and blue thrown into the mix.
I had some company over for dinner last Sunday and Matt's comment was that this room "fit her personality"!!! She was sure surprised with it and I am glad!!

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floridabozonebunch said...

Wow, what a mom. If other kids hear about these surprises, we will have a lot of kids going on T.L.C. trips just to see what they find when they get home. Ashley's room looks very pretty.