Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our July 4th

Well, where do I start? I wish I could just give you a picture journey of the last few days but I can't so you will have to put up with my wordy description!
Monday - I worked. I went home. I baked. Oh my - did I bake?!?! A double batch of chocolate chip cookies AND a double batch of oatmeal cookies!! Oh wait - you know this part. Anyway, David surprised Ashley. Okay - on to Tuesday. Dave, David and Ashley came and took me out to lunch and I managed to survive work that day. Carrie finally got home around 8 - about 2 minutes before the rain began. She was surprised to see her brother but not as surprised as I had hoped!! Some things are obvious - like, Mom doesn't bake unless it's really important so she knew something had to be up!! Anyway, she WAS surprised at her room but - IT WAS A HIT!! I was somewhat nervous about that but she seems to really like it! David rode the bus to Fort Lauderdale to get Christa and they arrived home sometime after midnight but to be honest - I was dead to the world!! Wednesday - we finally got every one up and around and David and Christa took Elizabeth to the airport to fly home to IN to her family! They got back and we headed to the beach for some pictures. They turned out pretty cool!! When we got back to the car, we had a flat tire and the black clouds were rolling in. The men in my life fixed that and we headed to the Outback for supper. (Please pray for us as we finish washing dishes to pay that bill!!) Anyway, we absolutely HAD to stop at the Fireworks store and then headed home. Went to church for a short patriotic service and then back home for food, fireworks and friends! It was a great day. Dave and Christa got up this morning early to take David back to the airport! Yes - I am sad today but I am dealing with it. Dave and the girls are taking Christa to the airport and the house will be back to normal - normal as it can be! So that was my "holiday".
I must say that I am thankful now more than ever that I live in America! I am so much more aware of the men and women who fight for our freedoms and the things their families face on a daily basis. Lord, help me to remember!!!!


LaDonna said...

Sounds like you had a whirlwind holiday...kind of like ME!! I'm glad for you that everyone was home under one roof, even if it was just for a few precious hours!

MARINE said...

i love the blog mom. i will update mine as soon as i can. i had an incredible time with our family this week. i love you guys so much. cant wait to do it again.

Lenita said...

hey I created a blog page here...but don't know how to invite you and others to mine?
can you help me.
I love your family pics!!

Lenita said...

by the's called Shillington Daze...:)

Vonnie said...

Awesome day!! Thanks for the picture and the update!!

Angie Davis said...

Belated Happy Fourth. Glad you all got to be together with your favorite Marine for the day!

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed the update and pics from when your son got to be home! That's sooo HAPPY that he did get to come!

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!
Love, Heather =)