Monday, July 9, 2007


I think that I don't do this often enough so this will be a blog specifically about my husband, Dave.
We are at a place in our lives where he works a full time job but also travels in evangelism here and there. I rarely ever get a chance to go with him since I am also working full time so I rarely ever get to hear him preach which is a bummer for me. I LOVE to hear him and he is my FAVORITE preacher. I am not just saying that because he is my husband either!! Anyway, the last two Sundays we have been to Summerfield to fill in at a church and I have gotten to hear him preach four times. I positively am thrilled to get to hear him preach. Each message was so good and I received help from all four of them.
I am soooooooo blessed to have a husband who is the true spiritual leader of our home and is living his life the way he preaches. No one really knows the stress he is under but he just rolls through it and keeps on doing what he knows is right! He keeps the laughter alive and well in our house or in our car or anywhere else our family may be! There is NOTHING in the world more important than his family! His kids simply love being around their dad and rely on him for soooooo much! I know that WHEN my kids become the successful adults that they are going to be - it will be strictly because of God and their Dad!
So...I just wanted to brag on the wonderful man in my life and I am so thankful to God for blessing me with him!!


~Heather~ said...

Leah, I enjoyed that post about your husband. That is AWESOME that you feel that way about your man. It's sooo sad, isn't it, the couples that are our friends that are already divorced, or not happily married?! =(

I too am VERY blessed and thankful for my WONDERFUL sweetheart that God gave me! I'd say "YES"...all over again! =D

Take care, Love, Heather =)

maryellenhuff said...

I enjoyed catching up on all your blogs and seeing all the pictures - the one where you had a "horn" cracked me up! A lot of great shots (and great memories) in those pictures.

I looked for you yesterday, now I know where you were. "-) What a great tribute to your husband but I have to disagree with one thing...when you're kids become successful adults it will be because they had TWO great parents and God by their side - not just one. That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it!

Adam & Val said...

Hey Leah! I just found your blog. It was nice seeing pics of your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Turn around, David, and let me view those wings!! :)JK Leah, enjoyed the post - veryr sweet of you! Just wanted you to know you are blast to work with. Enjoy the day! Friday's coming!!

Love you!

Angie Davis said...

Those compliments carry more weight when they come from someone who's actually living with him! Your hubby did an awesome job at Frankfort, but he has to bring you next time.

Travis Johnson said...

You're right on. He's a terrific preacher.

CrazieChrisa said...

I finally updated my blog:-D There is aLOT to read though:-D Hahaha!!! Make sure you read the one about the 4th though!!! LUv ya!

~Heather~ said...

Leah, Thanks for your sweet comment on "My Thoughts" post. I just posted this in my comments for all of you ladies. =)

Ladies~~ After Phillip read this post of mine, he said, "Help us, your friends are going to think that we're having trouble, or that it's tough being married to me the way you write!" =)

I think you know this, but wanted to make sure that there is NO DOUBT that Phillip and I are VERY HAPPILY MARRIED, and I love him more today than I ever have. =)

poke said...

it's been great catching up with your family on your blog. Your kids are getting so big. It's hard to imagine David a man...and not a little boy. Have you seen my bro's lately??? They have turned into handsome young men. Please pray for my youngest bro....some things have come up and the devil is threating to change his life... he seems sensitive to the Spirit...I just pray he doesn't make a unwise decision.