Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I read someones blog awhile back that had a list of things that people probably didn't know about her. I have often thought about doing that but it would be pretty boring!! Anyway, my praise has something to do with yesterday but will also tell you something about me that you probably don't know.
Okay - here goes!! Hold your breath - I HATE rain. I especially hate to drive in it!! So yesterday, I looked out the office window and saw the very dark clouds rolling in as is usual for this time of year in Florida. About 5 seconds later the phone rang and my daughters were calling to see if they could go to the library and then make a Starbucks trip. I promptly said, "Are you nuts? NO!!" Well - something like that!! Anyway, it got darker and darker and started raining. When it came 5:00 and time for me to go home, it was absolutely pouring. I waited about another 20 minutes and finally decided to head home. Thankfully I had the truck or it probably would have been worse. It was raining pretty hard and I never went over 30 the whole way home. There was water over A1A in more than one spot and in one place, a tree had come down and covered the south lane. I did get kind of tickled when I was going around the tree I started flashing my lights at the oncoming traffic to let them know and when I passed the first car, it was a cop!! Yea for me!! Anyway, I was nervous and to be frank, a little scared when a thought popped in my head! One of the first messages at camp that was preached before we arrived was regarding praise. So instead of pleading and begging God to just get me home, I started praising Him for helping me every little second! Once I got home and even now, I am chuckling at the image but oh well!!!!!!!! Anyway, I arrived home to be met by my oldest daughter with a huge umbrella which was very nice of her by the way!!
I know - it sound silly to most but it is a true fear I have. I really don't know where the fear came from but I have it. I guess what stood out to me the most was that God cared about that fear and helped me through it. I think more because I was praising HIM for I BELIEVED Him. I sit here now chuckling about it because I have survived three hurricanes so far - talk about rain!! But - I digress!! I felt impressed that I needed to praise Him for helping me make it home safely AND for learning a valuable lesson. Praise brings results!! Now - if I can just learn to praise Him for the other areas of my life that are causing struggles right now!!


Vonnie said...

So true... why do we wait so long to give Him praise? Thanks for digging around my roots. :)

Angie Davis said...

It seems that "blessing the Lord at all times" is the only way to go! :)

maryellenhuff said...

That was some awful storm, I was coming back from Palm Beach and felt like I was in the middle of it the whole way, as I was creeping along I-95 and surrounded by lightning, I kept wondering when I was going to get to the part where it lets up a little...and it never did. My Mom's rain gauge said 4 inches in a very short time.

Great blog....a great reminder to not only ask but to be sure and praise often and say thank you too.

CrazieChrisa said...

You know that David updated his blog before he left don't you?

Eileen said...

Leah, I read this blog on the storm. It was interesting. Though believe or not I love storms. Just not the ones in my life. Now that is where I really have to Praise and Thank the Lord. For the storms of life are so hard sometimes. Yes God is always there and we do need to thank Him for bringing us through each of those stroms. Keep encouraged and God be with you alwasys. Love & Prayers, Eileen