Monday, August 20, 2007

The Weekend and other Blubberings

I know - no pictures but the camera is on the blink and besides, I can only update this blog at work. For some reason, the internet at home absolutely REFUSES to let me do anything but read this blog!!
So - Friday night we finally had Carrie's 18th birthday party. There were about 20 teenagers in my house and I was pretty happy to finally see the last ones walk out the door sometime around midnight!! Two of her classmates were headed off to a different college on Saturday so it was kinda sad in a way. There was much laughter in the evening and we managed to survive quite nicely!!
Saturday was spent with the usual cleaning, laundry and shopping. After Dave had changed the oil in his truck, played racquetball, mowed the grass and packed, he headed off to Summerfield to preach over Sunday. The girls and I braved Wal-Mart and trust me, that took no small amount of courage. That place was an absolute zoo!! I did not find one single package of filler paper. Thankfully the girls have enough to get them started on school but we'll have to be on the look-out for more!! I was ready to climb into bed in a fetal position by the time I left there!!! Anyway, I survived.
Sunday was a good day. Church was ........ I am not sure how to explain this - wonderful, enlightening, a struggle of sorts, worshipful, meaningful, a time of growth (painful growth I might add), yet somewhat sad. Maybe I will try to explain this. It probably won't make sense but I think I will feel better when it is gotten out of my head. First of all, the message Sunday morning was so uplifting! When we can't find the words for our prayers, Jesus explains to the Father what we are trying to say. Now - how neat is that?!?!? Secondly, the Grant girls sang such a good song Sunday night and the main thing that caught my attention was to have an attitude of praise. Ummmm....haven't quite gotten there this morning!! I won't bore you with many details but here are a few. Ashley starting her second year of high school and while nervous she's fine. There is just a special need that I am praying about for her. Carrie is starting college orientation today. Busy, nervous, excited. That describes her I think - why else would she have bounded out of bed?!?!? There is a situation in her life that is causing concern. More prayers going up there. Then there is David. A definite deployment date has been received which we are trying ...... excuse me I am trying to ignore. I haven't talked to him in 2 weeks. I know - good training, right? NOT!!!! There are other things but none that will get mentioned here. So, am I having an attitude of praise? Not at this moment. I go back to "Give what HE asks, TAKE what HE promises!" Still clinging to God and determined more than ever to learn to "praise Him in the storm".
That was my weekend. I am back at work and wondering who in the world is going to do my laundry and housecleaning for me now that the girls are back in school???? Oh yea - me and Dave!!! We are the best team in the world. I will work with him anyday (as long as he keeps me supplied with diet dew - hint!hint!).


LaDonna said...

Big milestones in your road of life!!! I have one more week before Justin begins his Junior year...I know the times going to fly by the next 2 years. I'm not looking forward to it at all! :( So glad he's here at home with me and not gone all day!!!

Vonnie said...

Busy week/days before school starts. We started yesterday too, so all the kids are gone now. Just me and a nice, quiet house. :)

Julie W said...

Hope everything goes good for all of you!! Sounds stressful to me!
Julie W

~Heather~ said...

Glad to read this post. That IS VERY encouraging about Jesus interpreting our prayers to the Father! =) I'm sure that sometimes life gets complexing with each new stage with our kids, but I'm sooo glad that God has the grace for each of those stages. I cannot imagine "worrying" about my girls in high school and college and them living right there with me, let alone what feelings you must have about David being so far away and all....! I pray for him daily!

Trust that you feel God's calming grace during this time of adjustments. HE CARES!!
Love, Heather =)

Marty said...

We are praying hard for David also...we've gotten attached!!! Recently, our family was able to go to Paris Island and see the Marine base. The boys thougt it was AWESOME!! As we crossed the bridge into the island, I asked Larry how it would feel to be visiting your son here......Made my heart hurt for you!!! Thank you for sharing your son with our family!

Linda S said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. Kids have no way of knowing the agony parenting is until they are one themselves. Makes me appreciate mine more. Surely I didn't give them anything to worry about........Linda