Friday, August 31, 2007

Shouting Hallelujah (for now:))

Okay - hang on....there is an explanation before the "news"!! There is a forum that I belong to that was started by a former Drill Instructor's wife while her husband was in the Marine Corp. There are actually two ladies who run this forum. It's basic idea is to meet the needs of the Moms, Wives, Girlfriends and other family members while the guys are in the Corp. This has been a HUGE help to me over the past year. There is one thread that is for you to use while your son is in boot camp and then there is another one for after graduation. Anyway, I have "met" several people here over the last year and we have all become good friends, especially since we are all going through the same thing. You see, I have several friends who say they are praying for me and who try to help me when the days get tough. However, the bottom line is unless you have been here - you simply don't get it! I know that sounds heartless but it's still true. When I get on this board and post about having a hard time - these people know EXACTLY what I mean. By this point, we have grown to know about jobs, husbands, houses, other kids, pets, pool horror stories, weddings, births, baby problems before birth, parents, deaths, ships, Iraq, training, and whatever else you can think of. It's been really neat. These ladies always offer prayers, hugs, and words of encouragement and we just share it together.
So - the real reasons for the blog? Oh wait - another short explanation. Remember the post about "things you may not know about me"? Here's another one that may come as a shocker (not!!!). I am not a photographer. I take pictures but they are certainly nothing to brag about!! Anyway, about a year ago we bought our first digital camera and I really like it. Guess what? It broke. So about a week ago Dave sent it off to be fixed. In my haste to plan delightful activities for while my son is home for his "pre-d leave", it dawned on me Wednesday that my camera was off being repaired!!!!! I immediately went to my forum friends and asked for prayers. I know - sounds weird!! Anyway, I went home for supper and guess what was on my table? The camera!!!!! How cool is that!!!!!!
Next reason for the shouting???? Dave is leaving early in the morning to bring my Marine home!!! Yep - that's right - he gets off early!!!!! He should be back in my house sometime around 2 AM on Monday!!!!! There are just not enough exclamation points to describe the excitement!!
So - all my posts for the next two weeks will be about our family activities while David is here. Who knows - I may even post a picture or two!!! Yes, I am a little excited but I will see if I can calm down a little!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jody J said...

That is so exciting! Hope you all have a great time.
It's great to know that God cares about EVERYTHING!

Linda S said...

Fantastically wonderful!!!!! I know you are excited. I am looking forward to him coming home with Christa.....but I know for him to do that he has to leave you all, and for that I am sad.

Vonnie said...

I am so excited for you! Hope you all have a wonderful time together. I know you will!! Awesome about the camera!!

Austin said...

I hope you all have a good time.

maryellenhuff said...

So get that just fixed camera rolling! We want pictures, LOTS of them!!!

Angie Davis said...

(Patiently awaiting the pictures...)