Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Love of My Life

I have been thinking about this blog for a long time now. No, it isn't my anniversary, it isn't his birthday, it's October so it obviously isn't Valentine's Day. Sweetest Day isn't even until a week from Saturday. But - I wanted to blog about my husband.
We have been married for over 20 years and my life with him only gets better!! We are learning a whole lot about being married that I wish we could have learned a long time ago. So - this is going to be about Dave and I am giving you the chance to get to know him better so sit back and enjoy the ride!!
Dave is very private and loves to be either alone or with his wife and kids and that does it for him. He has made his family the center of his world and we all love it there! It used to be that I always wanted company or wanted to be around people and he preferred the exact opposite. Now - just give me my house, my husband and my kids and I am perfectly fine. Dave makes our family complete!!
He is the nut of the family - just ask his kids. He keeps us all in stitches!! There are times when I have to shut him up in some room so that we can get a chance to breathe!! When we are feeling down or blue, along comes Dave and that mood changes abruptly!! You get him and his three kids going and now add Christa to the bunch and the laughing goes on and on and on!
Dave has an EXTREMELY stressful job but it NEVER gets taken out on his family! Sure we know the frustrations for we ARE normal but he never grouches at us or makes us feel that we are part of the problem. I am constantly amazed at the attitude that comes from Dave through the frustrations! He has truly taught our children what it means to go through life handling day to day frustrations with the right spirit!
He hurts along with the restof us in the family over our current situation with David but you would never know it. He is strong for us and is always checking up on us to makes sure that we are okay! He is VERY, VERY protective of his family, especially his daughters. He is VERY proud of his son and will take NO negative discussion about the Marine Corp AT ALL!
And then there is me!! I have the best husband in the world. For instance, Dave and I both work and he gets home before I do. Many, many days I get home from work and supper is already well on its way to being done. AND that is Weight Watchers suppers mind you!! He will work on laundry, he will do dishes, he keeps the outside of the house taken care of, I never have to worry about the vehicles. The list will go on and on!! He is ALWAYS praising me and encouraging me in my weight loss (or lack thereof!!). He will care for me willingly when I am sick or just feeling blue!! But - you know what I appreciate even more than all that??? He walks what he preaches to his family about. He prays with us and for us. He teaches us from God's Word. He encourages us to have a personal relationship with God and then shows us how to do that on a daily basis. That means more to me than anything.
In my "old" age I have become very, very protective of Dave. I get easily frustrated at people for saying things that are untrue. The confidence level I have for people takes a quick nosedive when I see them being negative with Dave. But then that is what is supposed to happen. I am determined to always be Dave's NUMBER ONE fan!! I support him 100% in all that he does. He is my hero, my very best friend and the love of my life!!! I love you, Dave!!


CrazieChrisa said...

AWww...that was a sweet post!!! I'm sure Dad will like it:-D And he will be proud to know that his son is JUST like him! hahaha! Luv ya!

Sherri said...

Hey girl, I have been reading your blog today and see that there have been alot of changes in your life since we last talked. I started a page myself - it is the3kamplains. Hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Did David Fulton Sr pass on? I thought wives only spoke like this at the memorial services. :) Just kidding!! What an inspiration - and I know this came about through A LOT of hard work and faith. YOU GO, GIRL!!!!


Vonnie said...

That is very nice!! I am almost at 20 years and am appreciating and loving my dear husband more every day as well. I hope I can pass on how to make a successful and happy marraige to my girls and boys!! They have a great example in their father!!

Eileen said...

Leah, I sure did enjoy reading your blog. I helps me to put perspective where it belongs. My husband has always been a homebody, I like to be around people. So I guess that we are kind of alike. Though we have been through a lot our 38 years. It is good to know that there are other people out there that are in the same place that you are. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day!

Linda S said...

I am so glad Christa is going to be part of a family that loves each other devotedly. I am glad David has parents that are totally in love. I want Christa to have a home secured by love and it looks like she has good examples in you and her daddy and I.