Thursday, October 4, 2007

Seeking Advice

I know, I know - this is a first. I have a question for you all!

I am looking for good sheets that do the following:
1)don't wrinkle in the dryer
2)don't get "bally"
3)don't need ironed
4)stay crisp
5)smell good!!!!
So my questions are:
1)name brand?
2)thread count?
3)wash in cold or warm water?
4)iron or no iron?
5)dry in dryer or on clothesline?
6)what makes them smell the best?
I know - it probably sounds silly but I am an inquiring mind that wants to know!!


Linda S said...

Leah, What I would like is a maid that would change my sheets everyday....a new fresh bed every night. I do not like wrinkles in the sheets....want them stretched tight! Well, that didn't answer your question. Will be interested to see what info you get.

maryellenhuff said...

The higher the thread count the softer the sheets! If you go to Bed, Bath and Beyond you can actually feel alot of their sheets to see which ones you like the best, they have displays with a pillow case out so you can feel them.

The ones on my bed I actually bought from Walmart, (Springmaid was the brand and I can't remember the thread count but it was high) they were their more expensive ones, and while they do wrinkle they don't ball at all, not even a little. I just iron the pillowcases and the top part that folds over the bedspread and they look really great. I've been very happy with them.

I don't know that any sheet won't wrinkle in the dryer but if you dry them on low, take them out and put them on immediately it sure helps with the wrinkles. If you use a fabric softener it helps with the wrinkles too AND they smell good. I think Downy makes a wrinkle release, haven't tried it myself.

I'm not sure what you mean by "stay crisp," to me that means stiff and I like mine really soft. If you want them stiff they will be stiffer if you hang them on the line, I don't do that because they get pollen all over them and make me sneeze. The dryer makes them softer. I wash mine in warm and once in awhile even hot water because I've read you can't get rid of dust mites in cold water and they live in sheets!

I use Suavatel (sp?) for my fabric softener, the blue one, it smells sooo good!

Good luck. "-)

Queen Essie said...

My fave sheets are Egytian cotton that have an incredibly high thread count - I found them rather cheap on ebay, the only way I could afford them. I just wash, dry n put them on the bed. They do get a lil wrinkly if left in the dryer, but seem to "un-wrinkle" out after putting them on th bed.

Well, there's my 2 cents for ya!

BTW, I love the fam fotos - very, very nice!

Esther Miller

Aimee said...

See I can't sleep on anything except flannel sheets - even in the summer. I'm weird I know. But they are so soft and you don't have to EVER iron them because the wrinkles smooth right out when you put them on the bed.

Eileen said...

I have found out that percale sheets do not get the balls. At least I haven't gotten them that is what I get and have for 38 years. I am not one on the count, but I do beieve that MaryEllen is right on the higher the count the better they are. Have great and blessed day.