Tuesday, October 2, 2007

News & Such

First for the news, let me tell you that I am somewhat frustrated and somewhat happy at this moment. I was just talking to Christa on my lunch break and MISSED A CALL FROM DAVID!!!!!!!! Ok - done screaming now! He called back for just about 30 seconds or so. Anyway, he called - he is safe and I am happy (?)!!!!!
Now the "such". These (of course) are my daughters. This blog is about them and so since they actually get on here and read what I blog about - I decided to surprise them today!!

Carrie is 18 and a Freshman in College. We are in the process of adjusting to this new phase of life for her but she is handling it really well. Carrie is not a morning person. Actually, she is no where NEAR a morning person, but almost every single morning since she started college, she has gotten herself out of bed and ready for school and has been on time!! For her, that is a great accomplishment. She is taking a full load of classes and doing very well keeping up with her assignments and papers and reading and such!! She has tried out for a summer music group and so we are waiting to see how that turns out later this week. Carrie is beautiful, talented, fun, loving, honest, a great friend, a good listener, and loyal to a fault. I am not going to explain that last one but she knows what I mean! Carrie is getting to be a great cook - with help from her mom's latest cookbook!! She will work on the laundry for me and occasionally clean her room with out too many reminders!! More than all that though, she really loves God. She wants to serve Him and do His will for her life and that means more to me than anything. She has been through some very, very rough spots but God is really helping her to trust Him. I am anxiously watching to see what God has in store for my oldest daughter. Carrie - I love you and you are my favorite oldest daughter!!!

Ashley - oh my - what all I could say about my Ashley!! I would love to start off with all her nicknames but if they got on the Internet, she would disown me!! Ashley is 16 and a sophomore in high school. She is trying very hard to finish learning to drive so that she can get her license. Her parents just aren't cooperating in this area!! She is my singer - at the oddest times and in the oddest places, you will find Ashley singing. This is my "neat freak", for the most part anyway!! She can only handle a mess for so long and then you had better look out. I can remember at certain times catching her in the right mood and then asking her to organize my canned goods!! That was hilarious!! She is beautiful, bright, cheery, happy-go-lucky, friendly, a great friend, honest and stable!! Stable in that "change" is a word and action that is completely OUT of the question in her mind!! She has a part coming up in the high school Christmas play that she is very excited about. The "story" going around is about her "husband"!! Ask her about it if you see her!! Ashley is always seeking to please the Lord and that pleases me greatly!! She has also gone through some difficult spots recently but has come out on the other side shining brightly.

I love all my kids but I am very mindful of the fact that I can't let one situation get all my attention. I have blogged a lot about David and his trip "over yonder" - so much so that I thought I would do a blog about my girls and let you all know how great they are!! So there ya have it - my girls!!


CrazieChrisa said...

Sooo am I one of your girls tooo?????;-) Sorry i made you miss you David's call!

Vonnie said...

Awwww, they are so beautiful and I know they are everything you said and more!!!

maryellenhuff said...

Great blog and I'm sure it made both of their day!

Eileen said...

Leah again thank you for sharing your blog. It is great to see you share your heart. I am afraid if I posted something about my girls I might not have any friends left. Thanks again for sharing. The Lord Bless You!