Friday, September 28, 2007

The Call

Ha!!! You saw the title and thought I was about to "wax elephants" about something spiritual didn't you??? NOT!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, a few things happened and I went home from work early. I left here at about 3:15 and so on my way home I called Christa to see how her day was going. She answered her phone with a squeal and the words "I got a call!!!" That was pretty call even though he called her collect which of course makes me chuckle!!

So I walked in the door of my house to see Dave and Carrie at the speaker phone talking to David! He called us collect also and told his dad it was probably costing about $1000 a minute. Probably not quite the truth. He has arrived, he is trying to settle in and will be getting a phone card so that he can call us maybe sometime today. There is an 8 hour time difference so that makes things interesting.

I just wanted you all to know that we heard from David and to please keep him and his family in your prayers!!


Marty said...

I talked to Christa earlier in the day...she was NOT having a high moment. A few hours later, the phone rings, I answer, and there was that same sqeal on the other end of the line! HE MADE HER DAY!! We talked again last night and she was still on a high!!

LaDonna said...

I'm so happy to hear he's arrived!! It's funny that he called collect. I asked him if he needed a phone card, but I don't think he was thinking very far ahead at the time he was here!! :) Thanks for letting us know.

maryellenhuff said...

Jan just asked me tonight if you all had heard from him and I said not that I knew of - glad to get home and read your blog and find out you did!

We've been praying for all of you daily (that includes Christa and her family too) and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Leah, Just wanted you all to know that Keith and I have been praying for your family. Thanks for the updates.

Love, Crystal Schaper

Eileen said...

Leah you and Davied are in my prayers. Glad you got to hear from him. Have a blessed day!

Jody J said...

So glad you got to talk to David. I'll be praying for all of you.