Sunday, November 4, 2007

Catch up!

It's Sunday afternoon, the windows are open, the breeze is blowing, the girls are sleeping, Dave is in Summerfield and I decided that I had better update my blog. I simply don't like it when I check some blogs time after time and there is nothing new there and look what I have done!! I haven't changed mine in quite awhile!! So maybe I should try to give an update!
Let's see - heard from David this past Wednesday and he is doing well. Well - as good as he can for being where he is!! He hasn't lost his sense of humor so far!! He told his dad that he had a coffee pot and coffee but no filters so they had tried to use toilet paper which obviously didn't work!! Now that just cracked me up!! Anyway, he is thoroughly enjoying our boxes and we are thinking of different things to send him so they don't become boring! I told him I was going to send him a container of sand for I was SURE he was missing that!! NOT!!!!! It was so nice to hear from him and he seems to be doing well!!
Speaking of David, Christa has a comical picture of herself trying to fit in a box to be mailed to David. Maybe I should try to find the picture of her zipped into a suitcase!!! Now THAT was funny!! She really needs to come see this other family of hers real soon!!
Carrie is still hobbling around with her "boot" on. (Some people need to be careful how they say that word but I won't tattle!!) Anyway, she starts a job tomorrow at a local daycare and she is really excited about that!! I am excited too for now she can pay some of her own bills!!!!!!
Ashley is running herself ragged trying to keep up with everything going on in her life!! Just ask her bedroom floor which is currently buried underneath a mile high pile of teenage girl paraphernalia!!!!!! Look out at Thanksgiving time as she will be taking her drivers test!!
Dave is stretched to the limit with more than one thing in his life!! He still finds time for me and his family and that speaks a WHOLE lot louder than words!! He is preaching in Summerfield this weekend and will be getting home late tonight!
As for me, wow - where do I start?? I did the neatest thing yesterday!! I have talked before about a forum I belong to for Marine Moms and Wives and Girlfriends and such. Well, yesterday I drove up to Vero Beach and met s couple of them for breakfast!! I was surprised to see 3 Marines with the Moms, two of which joined the Corp with David!! It was so much fun and so nice to get to talk to them and spend some time with them. It is interesting - I felt like I had known them forever but had actually never talked to them in person before!! There was a "family" spirit there that actually surprised me!! To be frank, I felt more comfortable with them than I do a lot of other people that I have known for years. It's just nice to talk with people that KNOW how I feel about David. Carrie went along with me and if I post that picture of her and those 3 Marines, you all would croak!! Carrie and I shopped at the outlet mall for a little while and then headed home to get Carrie and Ashley ready for the Costume Party the College had last night!! They looked nice as Lady Guinevere and the Princess of Camelot! They had a great time!!
So - that's about it!! If I get the time I will post some pictures in the next day or two so you can see my Marine Mom Friends and some of the girls in their costumes!! We'll see how it goes!!!


Floridas Brother said...

Thank you for sharing David this weekend here in Summerfield....he was used again this day in a mighty way and we enjoy his messages from God very much. The Hochs

maryellenhuff said...

Please do post those pictures - it's so nice to have visuals to go along with what you are talking about! Sounds like a busy weekend but also a fun one!

Vonnie said...

Yes, post pictures. We would love to see them!! So good to hear from you. I know, I need to update my blog too..... but I don't know what to blog about! :)