Monday, November 5, 2007

Picture Time!!

This is the group that met for breakfast. Justin is first, then Jason who is 12, then Gram, then Robin whose son Randy is a Marine, then Johnny, then Eileen ( mom to Jason, Johnny, Michelle - who is taking the picture - and Kimber who was unable to attend), then me and Carrie.

Gram, Johnny and Justin with Carrie!!! Trust me - there is more than one person that I would like to show this picture to and they just about decided to show up as "dates" for Carrie at the Costume Party to "make an impression" on people!!

This is Ashley, Christi (Carrie's friend in college) and Carrie all dressed up for the Costume Party. Ashley is the Princess of Camelot, Christi is a butterfly (?), and Carrie is Lady Gwendolyn from King Arthur's Court!! They had a great time!!

This is Ashley and her friend Gideon who was a 40's Mob Man!! A little earlier I had given Gideon a haircut but I refuse to post pictures of that!!!!


LaDonna said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Glad you got to meet some of those ladies you've been chatting with..I'm sure it makes a huge difference that they're experiencing the same thing you're going through. The girls looked really nice!!!! Glad you updated the blog.

~Heather~ said...

Cute pics, and nice post!

Love, Heather and baby =)

Angie Davis said...

And your costume was...? :)

Vonnie said...

Good pics! Thanks for the updates.

Andrea said...

Been praying for David and the rest of you....are giving out his address over there? we would like to send a box...just email

Rebekah said...

Glad to hear that David is doing well and keeping his sense of humor!!! The toilet paper/coffee filter thing is too funny!!!

Chad and Rebekah Boissevain

maryellenhuff said...

Great pictures - Carrie has the perfect look, hair, etc. for that costume! All three girls look so cute.

After the softball game we drove by the outdoor party, it looked like they had a good turnout and that it would be lots of fun.

I'm so glad you have the Marine family connection.

Queen Essie said...

What fun! They all looked very lovely!

Glad you have some people to chat with that are in the boat as you - makes a big difference when who you are talking to really knows exactly how you feel! That is "therapy talk" and brings a sense of comfort.

Take care!