Friday, November 9, 2007

Just Stuff

So - no pictures today but just a "serious" blog.
Yesterday I was reading in my devotion and something really stood out to me. It's funny that its the really simple things that seem to hit us right between the eyes. We have heard for so long about the Promises of God that we find in His Word. It's "common knowledge" what we are supposed to do with them, right? But - do we? Most of us would have to admit that we don't take full advantage of HIS promises until we really "need" them. I mean we usually wait until there is some "crisis" in our lives, whether it be minor or major, before we start to quote the Scriptures and LEAN hard on HIS promises. Unless of course you all are much better at this than I am.
I have been through some difficult spots in my life, losing my dad, my husband having cancer, making hard decisions, teenager challenges and there have been the usual normal struggles of every day life and I have put some of HIS promises to the test. Recently, besides David being a Marine, there have been some real challenges in my life that I have had some serious struggles dealing with. I have gotten to the place where the things that people say just go in one ear and back out the other and to be frank, that kinda started making its way into my walk with God. Did HE really mean HIS promises or were they just words? I know - sounds terrible of me for asking such a thing doesn't it?
Then I read this statement. "Take the promise that suits your need, and step out on it, not touching it timidly on tiptoe, but placing your foot flat down upon it." That has stuck with me for awhile now. For the most part, I have been somewhat timid in my belief of His promises. Quite the admission, huh? As I sit here and read over what I have typed, the image comes to mind of what I have done in the past when a spider went crawling across my floor. For some reason I could never bring myself to just carefully and barely step on it to get rid of it. No - not me....I tromped on that thing!!! I wonder why I am not shy or backward at hardly anything in my life except this.....believing whole-heartedly in the ONE person that will NEVER let me down? I guess I have something else to work on in my life! Taking His promises for what they are worth - EVERYTHING!!!!

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