Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Rest of the Story!!

So I was reminded of the things that I did not finish telling you!! (Thanks LaDonna!)
The outcome of my mom's visit to the hospital was that her heart is fine and other than high cholesterol - they aren't too sure what the problem is. But - she is with my sister who is a nurse and so she will be fine. They did a stress test on Monday but the results of that were fine also.

Then there were the Christmas ideas that David had. First of all he wanted me to send him his fiancee and his family - in that order, by the way!! Man - where do I rate???? This momma ain't the number one woman in my son's life any more!!! BooHoo!!!!!! (Just joking, Christa!) He wants lots and lots of pictures and then he wants cd's so he can send us some pictures. Cool, huh?? The only other thing that he really, really can use is AT&T Global Phone Cards. I bought him one online and he keeps adding some minutes to it but it is a great Christmas gift!! There are some things that I am getting him that I am keeping a secret!!!! I will have to tell you about them much later. I am also looking for funny, novelty type gifts to buy and send him so if you have any ideas, you can pass them along.

Carrie has moved from the huge walking cast to a smaller cast and has to start therapy. She isn't too thrilled but I am sure she will survive! It makes dressing up a little interesting!! One high heel and one walking cast makes an interesting combination!!!

So I think that everyone is making progress in my house and believe it or not, (LaDonna - please share this with Joe) I am making plans for putting the Tree up soon!! I am hoping to do one outside also for the Military!! Can't wait!!


CrazieChrisa said...

Get over it...come Aug. he's mine:-D Hehehe...JUST KIDDING!!!!! Like the new blog! And maybe I should get him a new card!! H'mm.. Glad G'ma is okay!

Ashley said...

and once again........absolutely nothing about the totally stressed out 5th member of the family!!!!! i think im gonna cry!!!! lol!!! :)

Vonnie said...

Glad your mom is ok. Sorry about Christa taking your boy away. heehee Remember, we did that to our mothers-in-law too. We just didn't realize how bad it hurt. And I have to "deal with" 4 daughters-in-law someday. :)

Andrea said...

The military tree sounds neat, I'll have to see it at Christmas time!!

LaDonna said...

Thanks for finishing the details!! We had the calling card down on the list, but the CD's are a great idea. I'm SO PROUD of you for thinking about the Christmas decorations!!! We're planning to get ours out on Thursday, so are running behind a little this year.