Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Wacky Weekend - But a GOOD One!!

Okay - so this weekend was good for everyone stayed healthy and there were no trips to the ER!! YEA!!!!!
First of all, I have been severely reprimanded by one young Ashley for not mentioning her in the previous blogs. I mean - she hasn't been sick, hasn't gone to the ER but she is very stressed and how dare I not mention her??????? (Love you, Ashley) Seriously, this girl has been running herself ragged with school, working, play practice and lots of other stuff and is actually handling it all pretty well!!! There - ya happy now, girl????
I went home Friday night to be greeted with "Can we please go shopping?" You see - the college was having a Thanksgiving Banquet on Saturday night and Carrie had been asked to go with a "friend" and Ashley was going with a group. So off we went to Ross where we found a dress for Carrie for less than $20 and then to JcPenny's where we found Ashley's for about double that but hey, we found them and that is what matters!!
Saturday morning started off with a phone call from David which was positively hilarious but I will leave the details in our family!! I will tell you that it was GREAT to hear from him and he is doing well!! Carrie went to clean, Ashley went to work and I started in on my house and laundry. I don't know if anyone else is like me or not but I despise doing a bunch of work around my house and not having anything to really show for it. You know how you have this whole list of things to do but they aren't obvious?!?! That was what I did most of the day!
Then the "hair salon" opened in our house in order to make pretty curls to go along with the pretty dresses!! By the time 5:20 rolled around, I was exhausted. Anyway, By 5:45, my two beautiful daughters were out the door and we left shortly thereafter for a nice date to Carrabbas!! They came home long enough to change shoes and head off to walk around City Place for awhile. I of course had to wait up to hear all the "details" of the evening!! The joys of being mom to two teenage daughters!! I am including some pictures so here goes!!!

This is Carrie and her friend Josh!

And one final thought - my husband made my girls day when in the midst of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the banquet, he walked in the door with this -

They absolutely love this comic and will read it by the hour!!! They were so excited!!


CrazieChrisa said...

AWwwwww...the girls looked gorgeous!!! And Josh looks good too!! Lol!!! I got David to admit that he approves of Josh...sooo thats a good sign!!! Lol!!!! Luv ya...keep your chin up...we'll make it..I promise!!!

maryellenhuff said...

Tell the girls they looked down right lovely!

LaDonna said...

I LOVE Calvin and Hobbs!!!! That's my favorite, too. I have a HUGH coffee table book of him that the boys will read for hours on end. The girls looked gorgeous! Great job on the hair.

Josh Kline said...

It was a fun evening! City Place was awsome! Btw, good thing david approves, we wouldnt want any mad marines! lol

Ashley said...

thank you very much for including me finally!!!! i feel a little better now....