Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Still amazed: that God loves little ole' me!

Still getting used to: growing old and my kids growing up!

Still loving: Dave and the wonderful marriage God has blessed us with!!

Still proud of: Dave for always doing the right thing although not always the popular thing, David for being a Marine, Carrie for making the "right choice" and Ashley for not ever giving into peer pressure and being her own person!!

Still not proud of: my daily walk with God!

Still hoping: to travel with just Dave and I!!

Still worried: that my kids will not choose God!

Still never going to: go on a cruise - no way to water!!!!

Still pretending: that I am young and thin! :)

Still reading: Weight Watchers Cookbooks (see above)!!

Still wanting to read: My Bible from front to back and not skip a day till it's done!

Still interested in: sports - those I can play and those I can't!!

Still not interested in: fake friends or fake people who pretend to be something they are not!

Still looking forward to: growing old with David and watching my children marry that special someone!! Less laundry and less cooking and less cleaning!!!! :)

Still not looking forward to: the pains of growing old!

Still failing: to trust God like I should!

Still grateful for: for God's mercy and patience, for Dave, for my children - all of them...including the "extras" I have now!

Still praying: for David to come home safe and sound and for me to be the person God intends me to be!

Still not believing in: fake Christianity! It's a real relationship!

Still believing in: My heavenly Father who loves me more than I can imagine!!

What are YOU still doing?

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Todd Myers said...

Hey! I'm so sorry! I guess my brain isn't in gear.. I read your blog religiously, but never think to comment. And I'm not sure why. Your posts tend to make me think. Like this one. The getting old thing.. That bothers me because it makes my parents that much older. The daily walk with God... That one... All I've got to say is this: In the past two months, things have come about in my life to make me re-examine my walk (or the lack thereof) with God. He has been bringing about such a change in my life. I know that sounds so cliche-ic (not a word), but it's the truth.
Anyway, I DO read your blog!! It's in my favorites, right along with Jody's, Karen Walden's and Ladonna Covert's! Since I'm unable to work, this gives me something to do. Although I find myself crying almost as much as laughing anymore! lol Anyway, keep up the posting. God is using it. And I sincerely mean that.