Monday, February 25, 2008

A Favor Please

You know how I have mentioned several times that I can't stand it when people do not update their blogs very often? Well, there are two people very near and dear to my heart who have this problem!! AND - since I have been accused of pointing out this "fault" but never mentioning the times they DO update their blog - would you all please go scan down the list of friends on my page here and click on 1) Ashley and then 2) Josh!!! I would be thrilled!! And of course you can just comment til your little hearts content!! Maybe it will keep the two of them too busy to drive me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok - deep breath - I am calm!! Really I am!! I promise!! Ummmm....just who am I trying to convince here?????

1 comment:

Angie Davis said...

You may want to cut out caffeine for the next few weeks. :)