Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have had this song going through my head for several days now so I looked up the words on the "net" to post here. If you are anything like me, I sing these hymns over and over in church and don't always pay attention to the words. Not a habit of mine that thrills me but one I am working on. I have actually gotten to the point where I don't even open the song book! I know - not good. Anyway, I thought I would share these words with you.

Jesus my King, my wonderful Savior all of my life is given to Thee.
Now I am living in your salvation your precious blood is making me free.

Freedom from sin, O wonderful story all of its stains washed whiter than snow.
Jesus has come to live in this temple, all of my days His love I will show.

Jesus my Lord, I'll ever adore Thee lay at Your feet, my treasures of love.
Lead me in ways to show forth Your Glory ways that will end in Heaven above.

When in that bright and beautiful city there I will see Your glories untold.
I will be like You, my wonderful Saviour I will sing praise while ages unfold.

Wonderful Saviour, Wonderful Saviour You are so near, so precious to me.
Wonderful Saviour, wonderful Saviour My heart is filled with praises to Thee.

Let's see - news of the week? Well, while I am rather cold this morning, Dave is enjoying the balmy 80's and having a good camp so far. I am doing nothing besides working, laundry, cleaning, chasing after girls, playing chaperon way more than I care to mention (not really, Josh - just a joke!), trying to keep the girls in hose for school, planning a blast of a day on Saturday when my other "daughter" arrives, staying out of the chocolate chips calling my name in the fridge, having lunch with Marines and mom's of those Marines, having company for dinner Sunday, moving some furniture around in the living room, enjoying strange and humorous phone calls from the "sandbox", waiting "patiently" for Dave to return on Monday planning a great "homecoming" in 8 weeks which shall remain a secret for now, forcing myself to take out the trash, keeping the fridge stocked with juice since it seems that Ashley can't force herself to drink anything else that's already in the house (another "somewhat" of a joke), trying to keep my toes warm in this frigid weather we are having, wondering why in the world I ever stooped to bringing Pepsi back into my house (no - I am NOT drinking it!!!) and generally keeping myself sort out of trouble!! I know - now that both my Mom and my Mother-in-law are reading this, they will be rolling on the floor laughing at the one. So sorry that I can't be there to help them get on their feet again!! One final thought - if you want to know what a "true blond" looks like, my office mate has it down pat, and you would have to actually be here to believe what she just did! There is no way to describe it!


Ashley said...

OMW! talk about leaving us hanging!!! lol

Andrea said...

Looks like things are finally getting back to normal for you guys!!

Mary Ellen said...

We complain when it's too hot - we complain when it's too cold...what is with us!?!? I've been doing the same thing! "-)

Vonnie said...

Well, I can't make a comment because there are just too many to make, and I don't have time. However, I do enjoy reading your blog, and knowing how funny you are and how crazy your "house" must be. :)

Jerri Ann said...

Hi Leah,
I met you a loonnng time ago. when you still lived in indiana. I was going to UBC at the time. My name is JerriAnn. I've been reading you blog for a little while now. I don't know if you remember me. I remember being at your house when your kids were babies. I keep having cartoon songs going through my head. The hyms would be nice lol

Jody J said...

Great update, Leah. Sounds pretty busy around there!

LaDonna said...

YOU? Staying out of trouble??? Yeah, had to chuckle at that one. Maybe you just need a Pepsi and a handful of the chocolate chips! That might calm you down!!!!