Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Happy Birthday Greeting!! (Surprise, surprise!)

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I just received the most interesting phone call from a very sweet, kind, compassionate young lady - otherwise known as my youngest child!! She did such an AWESOME thing and that is to remind me that today is a very special person's birthday! First of all you have to know that Ashley is the most compassionate teenager I know and is ALWAYS thinking of ways to make people feel loved and appreciated! I think her "spiritual gift" is that of ACTION! So - she gave me a great heads up and so if anyone gets in trouble for this, it had better not be me!!!


Several years ago, the Potters became the Youth Pastors Family here in Hobe Sound and we were blessed people!! My girls became friends with their two girls and my son thinks that Mark is just tops!! Needless to say, I am glad that Mark doesn't blog about his trials trying to pastor teenage boys or his blog would have been solely about David!!! Tammy and I - well....... - we just have a lot in common! Most of which I will leave unsaid for her sake and for mine!! :) Let me tell you something though - this family has been a blessing and getting to know Tammy has made my life even more rich than it already was! I have seen so much in her that I truly, truly appreciate! She has proven to be a great friend and someone I LOVE hanging around! This girl ALWAYS makes me laugh!!! I mean, ALWAYS!! Even though they are no longer on the pastoral staff, I just appreciate them SO MUCH! Tammy always has a smile for me and a great word of encouragment and the secret is now out that she reads my blog quite faithfully! She will probably kill me when she sees this but by then it will be too late!!! The news will be out!!
Now, Mark, take her out, have the kids clean the house while you are gone and give her a HUGE chocolate cake when you get home!! Tammy - you are the best and I love and appreciate you very much!! We are DEFINITELY going to have to celebrate!!!! Have a wonderful birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! The Potter family is very special, and they mean a lot to me. Happy Birhtday Tammy and thank you for always taking the time to listen and be a friend. Hope you have an extra special day.
Your friend Angela H.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAMMY!!!! You have no idea how much laughter you have brought in to people's lives!! Hope your day is/was awesome!!!

Lenita said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tammy...I appreciate you too and agree w/Leah in saying you definitely have a wonderful gift of making people smile and laugh!!
God bless you!