Monday, February 4, 2008

No title - Can't think of an Appropriate One

Good morning! It's Monday - if you like Mondays you need HELP!!
I have been struggling with how to write this for more than one hour but here goes. It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people out there who read my blog that I didn't know about! Hopefully - they still like me!! :) Several from out of state read my blog and there is more than one from my very own church that read this. So - for some this one part may make sense and for others it won't so read on!
I think that most people that know me know that I am a very passionate person on some things. Most know that I am quite out-spoken which is a trait that I am trying to work on by the way!! Most know that I can probably argue till I am nuts! BUT - for those of you that were in SS yesterday and you know who you are....I offer this apology!! I was WAAAAAY too passionate about the topic we were discussing and probably stepped a little (or way!!) over bounds. I must be frank and admit that I get sooooo tired of the blanket statements it is so easy for people to make. I know that since I have made them myself and am desperately trying to change that! So without going into detail, please accept my apology and know that I will NOT be making that mistake again!! AND - for you lurkers, share this with your spouse and yes, you know who you are too!!!!
On to brighter things, THE GIANTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!! I was thrilled beyond words for Eli Manning!! I bet that Peyton was as excited as can be!!! Anyway, that was a fantastic game and it goes to prove that in the end, cheaters NEVER win!!
Even brighter, got a phone call from David yesterday which took me out of church but I will do whatever I have to to have a phone call from him!! He is doing well and we are finally allowing ourselves to start the "countdown" of sorts! Of course knowing that things can change at a moments notice, we are trying to remain "semper gumby" - "always flexible"!! He seems to be doing well and maintaining his ornery sense of humor!!
Just a few more days of me being a loney "widow" and Dave will be home. I am quite ready for that to happen!! I was as lazy as can be this past Saturday and now have to work extra hard to make up for it in the evenings. I really need to get some things done before camp starting on Thursday! I can't believe it is that time of year already but it is!!
I must admit to one final thought - I am so thankful for what God has been teaching me lately. It seems there have been some areas that I have really struggled with in the past few weeks or so and painful though it is, God is helping me to grow in ways I never thought possible! He is showing me things in my life that I have tried to "overlook" but HE is instead, making me deal with them! I am so grateful that HE chooses to be patient with me!


Tracy said...

Now I wish I had not missed Sunday School yesterday! What in the world did I miss?

I am with you on the subject of the Super Bowl!! I am over the moon happy about the winner!!! What a game!!

Marty said...

What a game!! I did not miss church to watch the game, but I did get to see the game!!! Our church does small groups on Sunday and Wednesday nights so we were able to watch the whole game!!! It was to wonderful! You should have seen Peyton's face and reaction when Eli broke that tackle and threw a bomb and the reciever caught it with his helmet!! PRICELESS!! Love that we love the same teams!! I'm a bigger football fan than my husband I believe. He roots for MICHIGAN!!

Sound like you and I have the same issue with passion and how we relay it to others! Have a great day!

Mary Ellen said...

It was an interesting SS class - I think everyone that was talking yesterday was actually pretty much on the same page - it was just a matter of different wording. "-)

Vonnie said...

Oh, you do that too huh? :) Glad you can start counting down to David's homecoming - "semper gumby" that is TOO good!!!