Friday, March 7, 2008

Just News

Good morning all! I am so far behind on blogging and reading blogs but I may try to catch up today. I went home Tuesday evening and promptly got the "flu bug" which literally wiped me out! I was home from work all day Wednesday and Thursday. I managed to shower and dress to take Christa to the airport on Thursday evening. Yes - I was out driving in the torrential downpour!! THAT was an experience!! I did get up and go to work this morning but I still feel like I have been hit by a freight train!
Let's see - what else can I tell you?! We had a GREAT time having Christa here and I was very sorry to see her leave last night! She is so cheery and upbeat and we had a great time with her!! I kept telling her that the next time we see her will be for homecoming and THAT is so COOL!!!! Only 6 more weeks (give or take a few days) and my little "burger" will be home!!!!!!
Ashley headed off to competition early Thursday morning, had a flat tire on the way and still managed to pull off SECOND place in Bible Quizzing! I was very proud of her!! The rest of the competition is ongoing today! All I know at this point is that the ensemble has sung and I know nothing else!
I had the most uninteresting companions along on my trip to the airport. I can't believe that Josh and Carrie wanted to talk to each other more than me! I mean - isn't that just wrong?!?! Not really - we had fun...minus the tense moments of going 30 miles an hour on 95 through sheets of driving rain! We had a nice meal at Chilis (even with a poor waiter) and made it home in time for me to drop into bed by 9:30.
Dave is in Kansas this week for a revival and I think he is not all that happy about the weather change. I mean last week - he was in the Islands and it was warm and beautiful and this week he is freezing in Kansas!! Such a hard life!! NOT!!! I am quite ready for him to come home! I think I deserve to be babied!! (Just kidding!)
Well - enough jabbering! Have a good day! I am off for a nap!! (NOT - just wishful thinking!)


Mary Ellen said...

I'm sorry you were sick - that is not fun - glad you are feeling better and TGIF right?

I think doing a countdown on your blog till Dave is home is great idea. If you do a little research they have sites where it will do it for you and you can name it whatever you want - you just put the link on there. I've seen them for wedding days and all kinds of stuff....and I might be telling you something you already know.

Have a great weekend and get some extra rest so you don't have a relapse.

Donna said...

.......but we MISSED you and the phones "rang off the hook"!!!!! You are so needed!!! Glad you are back and feeling a little bit better. Good thing it is the weekend!!

Donna said...

A countdown would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Vonnie said...

Yes it sounds like you do need to be babied! Take it easy. Hope you feel better soon!