Monday, March 10, 2008

A Prayer Request

It has been one of those interesting weekends and so I thought I would share a prayer request that will take some explaining.
Thursday and Friday, Ashley was gone to Jacksonville for competition and so we pretty much decided to just relax for most of Saturday. I did make my daughters clean their rooms which they did quite well actually but other than that and laundry, we just sort of lazed around. Well, Sunday morning dawned with Ashley having a cough! Oh yea rah!! By the early afternoon, she was feeling pretty miserable. I decided that her and I would stay home from church so Carrie went alone since the choir had to sing and then she had nursery duty. Finally at about 6:30, I thought that Ashley felt pretty warm and so imagine my shock when I took her temperature to find it sitting at 104!!! I thought I would croak!! I called my wonderful sister for direction which was funny in and of itself I got some Tylenol down her, took it again an hour later and it had dropped greatly to 103.8! This was not causing me to bless the Lord at all times!! I gave her some Advil and took it at 8:30 and it had come down to 103.2. I still was feeling somewhat anxious but put her to bed and continued my "fervent" praying! Finally I took it again before I went to bed at 11 and it had dropped to 99 so I was finally feeling better about that! This morning when I got ready to leave, I woke her up and took her temp and it was still at 99 although since then it has climbed back up to 102 or so. I wonder if I have mentioned the fact that I don't like this flu bug?!?!
So - here is the prayer request (I know - get to the point, right?)!! Would you all please help me pray that Dave does NOT catch this bug? He will be returning home this evening from his revival in Kansas and has surgery scheduled for next Monday. With the schedule he has over the next 6 weeks and the big homecoming events going on, in my eyes, it would simply not do for him to get sick! The surgery is quite necessary and him getting sick would really complicate things! So - that is my request! Pray that he does not get sick! Pray that I have the smarts to get rid of the germs that seem stuck in my house! Pray that no one has a relapse since I have no desire to repeat this stuff!!! Thanks!


Vonnie said...

I'll be praying for you all!!

Angie Davis said...

Praying (and mailing you Lysol)...