Thursday, March 13, 2008

My "outloud" Prayer - Make Sure you Read it ALL!

Thank you Lord that Carrie did not throw up at all through the night and that she slept all night! Thank you that she has a nice, clean, germ-free bed to sleep in!! Thank you for giving her a loving and caring boyfriend who is not afraid of germs!! His mom may be but he isn't!! (Just kidding, Crystal!!!) :)
Thank you Lord that Ashley's fever stayed down for 24 hours and she could go to school today! Which reminds me - thank you for a great school for her to attend and good friends who get her assignments and other good friends who deliver them to the door!!
Thank you for a washer and dryer that works and works well so that my two girls can have a clean, hopefully germ-free bed!! Thank you also for a dishwasher that gets water really hot and helps kill germs!
Thank you, Lord that so far Dave has managed to keep all the different "sickies" at bay although turning down a hug to Ashley was NOT easy to do!!
Thank you for a job that provides insurance so that we can go to the doctor if for nothing else than a Mom's peace of mind!!
Thank you Lord for a WONDERFUL son who was able to Instant Message his dad and I yesterday! Thank you for protecting him and for him acknowledging that!! Thank you for allowing him to remind me how important it is that we pray for him! Thank you for helping him to "see" You in real ways each day!! Thank you for providing him with the RIGHT fiancee and one that supports him 100%!!
And now, Lord, leaving the best for last - thank you for allowing me to share the last 21 years with my amazing husband! Thank you for helping us prove more than one person wrong! So many believed that we would never make it but look what YOUR grace has accomplished! Thank you for giving me a husband that is patient, kind, loving, understanding, and most of all, desires to live his life pleasing to You! Thank you for his leadership with our family! Thank you for his desire to live close to you! Thank you that he LOVES to laugh! Thank you for the smiles he brings in my life! Thank you for helping him to be the most amazing Dad in the world! What more can I say? YOU have given me the best in the world and I am amazed that YOU loved me that much!!
Happy anniversary, David! You are the best and I love you very much!!!


LaDonna said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!! Wow, 21 years? Where did the time go?

Donna said...

Now that is just plain sweet! Happy Anniversary to a very dear couple!! May God grant you many, many more!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Haaaappppyyyyy Anniversary to yooouuuuu, Haaaapppyyyyy Anniversary to youuuuu, Haaaapppyyyy Anniversary dear David and Leeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, Happpppyyyyy Anniversary to yoooouuuuuuuuuuuu!

CrazieChrisa said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Have a wonderful day!

Angie Davis said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! You make a really great (and hilarious) couple!

Faith said...

Congratulations on 21 years!

And I'm happy that things are looking up in your household. All that was surely no fun! Your post yesterday reminded me of a David Ring t-shirt that Ken wears. It reads: "Don't Whine--Shine!" Heh, I am forever getting it twisted and saying "Whine, Don't Shine!"

Vicki said...

It has been a long time since I've talked to you! First, let me just say, THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD! I am so glad that you and David have made it for 21 years! My husband and I have been married for 12 years, and it was not easy. We are foster parents. We have one daughter, who is adopted. She just turned 16 this year. She was 6 when we got her. We are going to a Baptist church. Right now we have 4 foster children, who we hope to get to keep. They are 6, 2, and 4month old twins. They are all girls, and we are battling scabies, lice, and pink eye. I miss you and love you very much. You made a huge differance in my life! Please pray for us. I can't believe how your kids have grown. I still have pictures of them in TN. Oh, we live in Kingsport, TN now. I would love to hear from you. E-mail me at
Vicki Shields Hopper

Linda S said...

Congradulations on your 21st anniversary! Soon it will be the big 25! Just think of the changes that will have taken place in your life by that time!!!! Not doubt there will be BIG CHANGES! Am excited about homecoming!!!!!!!

Vonnie said...

Great list and prayer. Happy Anniversary!

CharleneOwensMomof2 said...

As always, I am way behind in the blog world, but hey a very happy, belated anniversary!!!!!!!
21 years? That means you have been with David longer than you have been born right? Hahahaha!! Just teasing you, I just couldn't resist!! Hope it was a good one!!