Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes - I am Whining!

Yes I am going to whine and no, you do not have to read further if you don't want! It's really just for me!
Guess what? Ashley is still sick and so Dave is taking her to the doctor this afternoon. How thrilling! The fever will not stay down and this is the fourth day and I am frustrated! She is NOT a happy camper and that is putting it mildly! She is to play in a volleyball tournament on Friday night and so there is no way she can practice and let's just say she is EXTREMELY unhappy about that!
Then - oh yes, there is more!!!!! At 2:30 this morning, our lovely oldest daughter woke us up with "I just threw up". I am not joking! So, she proceeded to do that at about 30 minute intervals through the night and according to her sister, it's an ongoing problem! Now Carrie is a very unhappy girl!! She missed a whole week of school and work due to the flu and now this! She only has so many cuts with her college classes and the "homecoming" is not too far away and she just knows she won't have enough cuts and her frustration is literally "spilling" over into the bucket!!!!
So - the whining, yes, that is what I am doing!! I know - deal with it, right? I am - at least I am working on it!!! It's just NOT what I think needs to be going on right now! Since the Scripture teaches us to "bless the Lord at all times", I am trying to find things to be thankful for! 1) David called and he is doing well and enjoying a short R & R trip and is looking forward to homecoming! 2) Dave hasn't gotten sick yet!!!!! 3) I haven't thrown up and trust me, THAT is something to praise God for! 4) We have insurance and that is a blessing!! 5) I am thanking God for Diet Dew because without it today, I would be half dead!
See? I am still praising!!!!


Andrea said...

I feel your pain!! We have been going through all that yucky flu stuff, every detail! Jaron even had to stay home from work and take care of me and the girls - He is my Hero :) (was anyways!!)
Hope you all get better soon!

Mary Ellen said...

HUGE bummer - sure hope everyone is on the mend real soon. Hopefully you are all getting it out of your systems before David comes home!

Speaking of David, did you watch that baptism video? I can TOTALLY picture him doing that!

If I see you, or your kids - I'll just smile and wave instead of shaking hands or giving hugs. "-) (giggle)

gaynell Wagoner said...

To all of Leah's friends who read her blog. If you really want to have a "laugh", call her mother and ask for the "details" on Leah when it came her turn to have the "stomach virus" that hits us all at one time or another. I can hear Leah now saying, "don't you dare". Just had to comment on that one as I well remember her actions as well as the reactions.
Her loving mom