Monday, March 3, 2008

My Weekend

I came to work this morning without the pictures on Ashley's camera from the weekend but I am in the mood so am going to type a blog up anyway. If I get the energy (and remember to) I will post the pictures later.
I left work on Friday and went home with a list a page long of things to do at the house. Ashley went to the courts for school activities and Carrie went on a "triple" date. I, well...., I set off acleanin'!! I do mean cleaning too!! With working full time and keeping up with everything, sometimes cleaning kind of takes a backseat on my daily or weekly chore list. So I cleaned my entire house, except the kitchen before the kids all returned around 11. Sent Josh to his other home :) and sent the rest of us off to bed. I had the privilege of waking my girls up bright and early on a Saturday morning, dropped them off to start cleaning an office while I ran an errand and then back to help them finish cleaning the office. We made a stop at the bank and then the gas station for - no, not gas - pop and then headed off to the airport to get Christa!!!! Then we made a stop into David's Bridal which I am sure did not help my cause of keeping my girls at home a little longer. We stopped at another store, left there only to turn the wrong way so after a quick u-turn (and I do mean QUICK) we headed north on 95 to go to Vero Beach. We were to meet our Marine "family" at the Cracker Barrel by the Vero Beach Outlet Mall which will now NEVER be the same!! We had a wonderful lunch and then hit the stores for what is probably termed "power" shopping! Too many dollars and shopping bags later, we ended up back at the house shortly after 5. Since Josh had "Carrie withdrawals" going on, he showed up for a bit and I left for the grocery store. The kids all went to the Piano Concert and I put groceries away, cleaned my kitchen, cooked food for Sunday dinner and did laundry. Finally, got everyone where they belonged and went to bed shortly before midnight!
Sunday morning service was exactly what I needed and I am thankful for the quiet whisperings of the Holy Spirit just when we need them!! We had the Klines to our house for dinner and trust me, that was NOT a dull affair! We pretty much laid around all afternoon and headed back to church Sunday night. After church was pretty quiet and I managed to go to bed a little before 11 which is simply too late for me!!
Today is a great day because MY HUSBAND IS HOME!!!! Well, he will be till early tomorrow morning anyway! If you think about it, please pray for him. It was so dry in the Islands that his voice is quite raspy and he begins a revival tomorrow night in Kansas! I am getting off work at 3 today and cannot wait to go home!!! I must admit that it's killing me to sit here which is probably why I am chattering aimlessly to pass the time til I leave!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Andrea said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!!! :)
Been praying for David and you guys! Keep encouraged!!

Vonnie said...

You sound way too busy for me!! Try to get some rest now! :)