Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A "Tradition" of Sorts

This blog will make no sense at all unless I give you some background so here goes. After you read this then the pictures will make sense!
My husband had a small cancerous tumor removed from the back of his throat almost 7 years ago this next month. (I may tell the whole story later but for now, this is the gist of it.) With that came the news that he would not be able to preach for quite awhile. Dave does not feel comfortable preaching with a beard so when he found out that he wouldn't be preaching for awhile, he decided to grow a beard. This is not a huge task for him as he can usually grow one in about a week. Well, he shaved it off in stages and Ashley was so excited about it so we took pictures. Well, when Dave had surgery a week and a half ago, he had already quit shaving due to the fact that he had gotten sick the few days leading up to surgery. Since he hadn't been up and about he just didn't worry about shaving - until last night. Ashley was so excited about getting to take these "special" pictures again. It was quite the hoot! I must admit to not necessarily liking this "tradition" these two have and hopefully it won't be repeated too often. Not because I don't like the beard but because both times this has happened, it has been because of Dave having surgery!!
So - this first picture is with the full beard, hat and sunglasses!

Then Ashley had to add her sunglasses!

Then we shaved off half of it!

He looks soooo mean doesn't he?!?! This is the scary look for his children!!

Aren't they just the coolest?!?!

By the time we were finished, Dave was completely wiped out and settled in his chair so I didn't bother with any "after" pictures. This is such a huge deal to my youngest daughter so I am sure she will be thrilled to see that I blogged about it. Of course she had better be happy with me since I did NOT post the one of her sticking her tongue out at me!!


Ashley said...

Thank you mommy! lol ;)

Mary Ellen said...

Hey, I think he looks good with a goatee, but probably wouldn't be so popular in the pulpit me thinks. ;-) Cute pictures.

LaDonna said...

My personal opinion is that he looks better in the beard, not quite so mean, just rugged-looking. I love the hat and I think I told him so at the funeral. Now I'd like to see photos of ASHLEY in a beard!! :) We're trying to keep track of the days til David arrives...Justin hopes to be able to see him before the wedding! :)

Angie Davis said...

You know, back around UBC, I always thought your husband was such a quiet man. Clearly I was mistaken...

Vonnie said...

Dave looks GREAT with a beard!! I wonder if Jesus "preached" with a beard? Hmmmmmm :)