Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An update and a break

Not much to say - no time to say it anyway! We are all getting ready to go all different directions until we meet up for homecoming in a couple of weeks. The next few weeks should be very interesting at the "funny farm". Dave will be off for revival and IHC, Ashley is headed to BJU for competition and then IHC, Carrie is headed off on choir tour and then we will all meet up for the BIG DAY!! I will be getting some alone time and I think that is a VERY good thing!
I think I am going to take a break from blogging. There is too much going on in my life right now and the tendency for it to seep into my blog is NOT a good idea. I often blog about struggles and frustrations and hurts and trials and for now, there are just too many and I am afraid to say them "out loud" so to speak. I do know that there is always something to learn and that God uses all kinds of things to teach lessons - these are just too painful to deal with in the "public eye".
I may update my "daily blurb" from time to time but I will have to see what time will allow. Check back for the next time I blog - excitement will have chased away the blues!!


Tamra said...

Enjoy your alone time!

Tara said...

I found a comment from you on my blog, and I thought it was my cousin "Leah" at first! Thanks for stopping by. Your family has surely grown since I saw them last...time flies.

Take care and be safe in your travels...:)

Vonnie said...

We'll be checking in often to see your updates. We surely want to hear when David gets in.

LaDonna said...

I'm sorry that you're facing so many stuggles and hurts...i pray it gets better over the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing the blog with the homecoming photos. Enjoy your time alone, and hope you can work out the struggles. :)