Monday, April 28, 2008

The Aftermath!!

Trust me - this is one blog that you will be thankful there are no pictures to look at! Let's see - I guess I need to go back a few days! Thursday afternoon, the request for supper was the famous "Fulton Taco Dip and Chips" so while the kids went swimming, Dave went to the store for supplies and did the cooking too!! GREAT job, Babe!! After supper, the Scarbrough's ended up leaving around 8 or so which was not easy for Christa! By 9, David was ready for bed so we all joined him shortly thereafter since I knew I was in for a long day on Friday!
To be honest, I was NOT looking forward to Friday at all! First of all, that is a LONG 13 hour trip! Secondly, I had to leave David and that was actually a little harder than I thought it would be! Then, most importantly, I was leaving Dave in NC and that wasn't too great either!!! As a side note, we figured out yesterday that he has been home for less than 24 hours in the last 4 weeks! So - the trip passed with no problems outside of the fact that I had 2 girls in the car and a young man in Hobe Sound who kept saying, "Go faster, Mom!" I had a panic attack every time I saw a cop car!!!!! (Not really, honey - just joking!!) We did make good time and I was glad to finally arrive home at 6pm.
It just seemed like there was no end in sight to the mess in my house all day Saturday! No matter what I did, there was still laundry and still piles and still unpacking and still a MESS!!! What made matters worse, I felt like doing NOTHING!! I think I managed to catch up the laundry and that was about it! Of course, Dave came home last night and so there is more stuff to put away and more laundry to do! He brought home all the stuff I couldn't get in the car plus his laundry! I am so glad he puts his own stuff away and is so helpful!!
So - we are back at home, back to "normal" (if there is such a thing) and back to the rat-race! I wonder if my emotions will ever stabilize again?! You know, when you have kids - teenagers no less - it makes life interesting! Things just never seem to really settle down and there always seems to be "turmoil" of some sort! Now, it is wedding planning time for David and Christa! I know - there isn't much for me to do since I don't have the bride!! At this point, we are all looking forward to school being over for the year. Carrie only has about 3 weeks left, if that, and Ashley has about 5 weeks left I think. I will be glad for it to be over!
I feel that I have done nothing but rattle in this blog but I guess you all can forgive me just this once, right?


Linda S said...

Leah, thanks for all your blogging. I hardly know where to begin to blog. Last week will forever be a MEMORY. Never forget those buses rounding the corner...tears are surfacing now. Never forget that scream from Ashley....DAVID!! Never forget living through the emotions of my Christa. I love our marine and soon to be son too. Looking forward to having him here next week. I identified with you last week as a mother. Nothing like having your kids all together!

Donna said...

Welcome back to the office!!!!!

Vonnie said...

We forgive you!! :) I'm loving all of your blogs lately. It is so great to have David back in the USA!! Glad you made it back south safely!!

LaDonna said...

No rattling at all, lots of great news!!! It was so great for Joe to talk to David, even if he called by accident...that was hilarious! We hope to be able to see him soon. Glad everything's falling back into "normal" routine.

Faith said...

Nah, not being sappy or rattly... simply being the chatty, friendly, expressive Leah we all care about and enjoy! It's not like anyone is forcing us to read your blog. We keep up with what's happening with ya because we want to. :)

Keep on bloggin'!