Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Passage of Time

This time last week, I was sitting in a hotel room with my family and the Scarbrough's absolutely having the time of my life with David! Wow - that was already a week ago?!?! How nuts is that?! Here I was just begging those 7 months to fly by and then I wanted this one week to last forever! I know - nuts did get me thinking about the passage of time!
My kids are sure growing up fast. I am in the midst of the small amount of things that I have to do for David's wedding when he should still be running around my house playing with Lego's! Carrie is considered a sophomore in college when she should be dressing her dolls for crying out loud! Ashley is almost done with her tenth grade year and driving when she should still be in diapers! See anything wrong with this picture? The passage of time!!
So - here is my question...what am I passing on to them? Is it just about cleaning and laundry and proper nutrition and perfect manners? Or - have I somehow managed to teach them about a right relationship with God? Have I stressed all the "right" things they need to know before I "shove" them all out the door to live on their own? I look around and see all these parents with little ones driving them nuts and I want to YELL as loud as possible for them to take advantage of the time they have! The laundry will always be there as will the cleaning - actually they both will shrink somewhat!! The job will always be there and so will the bills you think you have to work so hard to pay NOW!! The only thing you can take with you to heaven just wants to spend time with you on their level.
Okay - so I am being sappy which is somewhat unusual for me but that is the stage I am in right now! I will see if I can do better next time!!


Anonymous said...

Leah, I agree COMPLETELY. I have been a single mom of 3 for 17 years and attended my baby's college graduation Monday night! She is 23 and has two older brothers 30 and 27. I remember the lego, dolls and diapers...seems like a dream!! I have no regrets for anything I gave up to be there for my kids. Worth EVERY minute!
BTW, I you are a great writer! Thank you for sharing! Marilyn Weese (Ruth Finch's daughter)

Angie Davis said...

Good point, Leah. Sometimes these two drive me squirrelly, but they're growing so fast that I'm almost afraid to blink and miss something!

Marty said...

Thanks for the perspective of the "other side"....I'm in the midst of diapers, cars and yelling boys, laundry, dishes, and bills. I'll try to stop and spend more time reading and playing today! Mom is coming to pick up Dad and then they will head to Indiana!! These traveling parents of mine!!

LaDonna said...

I'm right there with ya! I have been getting emotional just THINKING about Justin going to be a senior next year, his last year of school, turning 18 this summer, becoming a MAN? When did that happen? Ah, but just when I think my son has grown up too fast, I look around and see I have one more chance...Clayton! My little surprise. He still needs Mommy!!!! Great post.