Tuesday, April 8, 2008


If you have ever had to suffer through the few times I had to play the piano in SS here in Hobe Sound OR actually listen to me play in church "up north somewheres", then you know that playing the piano is NOT one of my God-given talents! BUT - playing the piano is a HUGE stress reliever for me and not one I have been taking advantage of recently as I am sure my neighbors have been thanking God for!! However, a short 1 minute blurb is what I want to tell you about.

With very little detail, I will tell you that things have been a little "quiet" in my life on the spiritual side for quite some time. There has been many, many instances of emotional turmoil over recent months and I often wondered what the end result would be and if it would ever end. Last night, during a brief period of time when no one was home but me, I walked by the piano, paused and flipped open the chorus book that was left there by an unmentioned child. Here is where I stopped, here is where I pulled out the bench and played what was there. Here is where God spoke ever so gently to me! Here is what I played!

Be still and know that I am God!
Be still and know that I am God!
Be still and know that I am God!

I am the Lord that healeth thee!
I am the Lord that healeth thee!
I am the Lord that healeth thee!

In Thee O Lord I put my trust!
In Thee O Lord I put my trust!
In Thee O Lord I put my trust!

I know - quite simple actually! BUT - in HIS own way, God used this to speak to me and show me that once again, HE can ALWAYS be trusted! Then this morning, it became even more apparent that God was using it to speak VOLUMES to me - by the way, have you ever tried bending over to dry your hair, start crying bucket-loads and keep the snot out of your hair? It actually is very hard!
The bottom line is that I am blessed for God has chosen to speak to me and that makes ALL the difference!!!


Angie Davis said...

God is good! He has often used music to speak to me, although it's not usually MY playing that blesses me. Be encouraged! (And you might want to rewash your hair...)

Linda S said...

Leah, how interesting. The other day I was surfing the internet and the words Be Still and Know That I am God "flew by". My mind said, "Hey, I just think God spoke to me." I think God wants me to "shut up, and let Hime be God." Not easy to do. With your blog I felt God got my attention again.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm praying for you. I don't know what you're going through right now, but I know God can give you comfort and the peace you need.

Hang in there!
Crystal Schaper

Nicole Cassady said...

I'm getting your emails returned...is the waterblasting email address still effective?

Faith said...

Haven't commented, but I've been praying for ya. I rejoice with you for His voice breaking through the quiet. Ponder, Sykes and Wright sings a song I love (probably the only one they sing that I love!) because it has blessed me again and again, especially the thought that God chooses to speak to me. After the first time LaDonna sang it at church, I requested it almost every time she was listed to provide Special Music. I don't know if I have all the words right, but this is pretty close, I think.

(chorus) "He still speaks! I know His voice. Sweeter sound never heard by mortal ear! And to think that God by His own choice Would speak to me--It makes me rejoice! He still speaks! I know His voice."

Keep choosing to trust. :) * hug *

Mary Ellen said...

I have heard you play the piano several times in Sunday School and "suffering through it" were never words that crossed my mind, you do a great job! In my humble opinion...

carla said...
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carla said...

As I have said before...you give yourself far too little credit.