Monday, May 19, 2008

A Promise

Ok - so there have been no new blogs for awhile! I know that is just heart-breaking!! Yea - that was a little overboard! So - I am only working half day today and going home after my quick almost daily jaunt to Wal-Mart! I get to spend the evening with my family before David and Christa leave in the morning!
But - before I can get all sappy with my family, I think there are about 110 loads of laundry in my house to get done! So - I am going to sit down at the computer in between loads and work on pictures and I am hoping to get them all where I need them so that I can blog either sometime this afternoon or tomorrow! I have a camera card that was emptied onto my husband's laptop that I need to get moved to the big computer, I have another bunch from family pictures that we took Saturday that I need to take care of and who knows what else I might turn up!
So - I guess this is just the promise to get it done but I certainly am not promising perfection! THAT is something I simply CANNOT deliver on!!!! :))

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Mary Ellen said...

Yippee!!! You know I love looking at pictures....bring 'em on....