Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Live!!

I know - I know, I am sooooooo far behind! It has literally taken me about 3 days just to get some pictures in order and in the right place. I finally have just decided to post a few that I took of our family and am going to let it go at that. More actual "blog" will be at the bottom of the pictures so you can read on if you want!
Last Tuesday evening, Ashley was inducted into the National Honor Society. We are very proud of her! She works hard to keep her grades up and is consistently in the top 5 of her class!

Here is a picture of the entire family! We seem to just be getting bigger! In order there is David, Christa, Ashley, Dave, Leah, Carrie and Josh!

This is the happily engaged couple planning a wedding on August 16th!

Josh and Carrie! I get the feeling that Josh will be sticking around for awhile!! :)

As mush as I love all my family, I think this ranks as the best picture I took that entire day! I just can't say this is my baby anymore! Ashley has definitely grown up!

Sunday after church and before dinner, I think that Ashley was feeling down so she received a hug from everyone! And yes, I was standing on the couch!

We had a really good time with everyone while they were here! I am learning things about this new phase of my life that is called "dealing with adult children"! And I am pretty sure that all of my kids would tell you I am just doing a bang-up job! No, that is NOT a compliment!!! It's a good thing that my kids are all patient for the most part!!!!!
The news of this week is that I no longer have a dining room! Want the rest of the story? Well, there has been a problem with the dining room floor for quite some time! One corner was completely busted up and the door wouldn't even open the whole way. So, Dave and the maintenance crew came down last week and looked things over and decided that something had to be done before the new hurricane season starts. What was to be a small job has turned into a rather big one. At this moment, there is no wall on the front of my house unless you count the three sheets of plywood that are temporarily nailed there! A small section of the ceiling is gone, and the floor is down to the concrete! Anyway, they are hoping to pour concrete tomorrow - LEVEL concrete that is - and then build the wall on Tuesday and finish the project after that! For some reason I guess I won't be having any company for a while!! Hmmm.....wonder where they would sit?!?! See - you have access in the living room to Dave's chair and 4 dining room chairs and the computer and that is it! Thankfully, I can still get to the kitchen which is very helpful! So, one of these days when it is all done I will post some pictures of the finished project!
There - the update is complete! I am sure that I have left out lots of details but that is all this very tired and weary brain can handle right now!!


Mary Ellen said...

Cute pics - that one of Ashley is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good!!!

I am so happy for you about your dining room!

Ashley said...

not my fav pic, but i guess its.....not bad! lol luv ya!

Vonnie said...

Very nice pictures and update! Good luck with the remodeling!

Angie Davis said...

I love the pictures! Good laughing with you on MH the other day. Someday I'll have to share a not-quite-bloggable store from today with you on there... :)