Monday, June 23, 2008


You know you are almost 40 when:
1) Eating chocolate adds 5 pound and looking at it 2 1/2!
2) Bread and potatoes are divine even though they make you look like a barn!
3) Climbing out of bed takes a good 10 minute head start!
4) You forget what you went in the laundry room to do even though you are standing there holding the laundry basket and empty hangers!!
5) CLEARLY remembering paying $.89 a gallon for gas!!
6) Playing volleyball for 2 hours makes 3 days of pain that is almost funny!
7) Having NO patience for adults who act 3!!!!!!!!! (Enough said!!)
8) Relishing a Sunday afternoon nap over - well......just about anything!
9) Your recliner is your favorite spot in the whole house!
10) Hearing your pastor talk about prunes makes you laugh and realize the "joy" of eating those things is still several years away!!!!
11) Bending over to dry your hair is getting harder and harder every day!
12) Buying milk at who knows what cost reminds you of the stories your grandparents told of the depression!!
13) Hating the smell of Ben-Gay but thinking you could sure use some on the sore spots!
14) You wonder how much farther away you can scoot the computer screen so you can see better!!
15) and finally - thinking its funny that many of my friends that are almost 40 still have little "rug rats" running around!!!!

I have been thinking about turning 40 although it is still a few months away for me! Yes I am getting old! This weekend proved that! I played more than one game of volleyball on Friday (I have bruises from "diving" which should make my girls proud!) and then cleaned my house on Saturday like a raving lunatic! Come Sunday morning, I thought someone had taken a sledge hammer to my thigh muscles!! Which reminds me - why does the song leader insist on having you stand for singing on Sunday morning when you hurt the most? I mean - really...what is up with that?

I have also been reminded of how fragile life can be at any age. My sister-in-law, Sherry, who will be 40 next month, just had a stroke this past Monday! It has been a rough week for their family! I was talking to my brother Jim and after spending most of the week in the ICU with her, he mentioned how life has taken on a different look in his eyes. So - lest you think that all I did was complain in the first part of my blog, how's this? I am thankful I can speak, sing (although not great!), walk, run, dive for volleyballs, eat whatever I want (even though it shows!), hear, smell, and generally have nothing to complain about!!


Ashley said...


Mary Ellen said...

"Amazazing"?!?!? Poor Ashley, tell her I'm sorry she inherited her mother's interesting spelling skills!!!

Your post made me laugh (parts about being sore after volleyball) and gasp (a stroke at 40, how terribly sad.

And reminded me once again that there are a bunch of us all turning 40 this year, we should just have a big ole shebangpartythingy!!!

Jody J said...

Wow! You're that old? j/k :)
I just noticed this week that I can't work like I used to without being achy and I'm only 33! What will I be when I'm YOUR age? ;)

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

You are now dreading on dangerous ground. I have been 41 for 2 months, and I am not the least bit ashamed about the fact. I found your list very funny. I can definitely identify with the chocolate. Have you tried the Starbucks truffles? Oh my goodness--so yummy. Now that we are so old, life is too short to deny ourselves these treats. As far as standing in church-if you had a kid on your lap, you wouldn't have to stand.(could not refuse that comment)

Julie Waggoner said...

Hmmm--woulda thought you were lots older than me--hehe----I guess I was just going by the ages of your kids versus mine. I guess I'm still quite young---I have a 7 yr old.

Julie Waggoner said...

P.S. I might add that I still have almost 2 yrs. before I turn 40 and just in the last few months I can hardly sit on my knees on the floor without wincing in pain when I stand up. What's with that??

Vonnie said...

Yes, that #15 is me... I'm almost 43 and I still have allllllllll 6 kids at home with the youngest being 5 almost 6. Well, it'll keep me young, they say... although I'm sure it's a lie. I'll be 54 when the twins turn 18. hahahaha If ya' can't cry about it, you might as well laugh!! :)