Friday, June 13, 2008

My New Dining Room

Well, here it is!! The much anticipated, very necessary and positively wonderful new dining room! I guess I should tell you the whole story to give you a better idea of why this is so cool!! When we moved into the house, it was discovered that the north wall (the one with the windows) was not attached to the floor. We were very thankful that we discovered this BEFORE hurricane Wilma made her appearance and so we fixed that problem. However, shortly thereafter we saw this "bulge" beginning in the north-west corner. It quickly became a very large bulge! Anyway, our entrance there was a set of french doors and only one would open and that was only about half-way. We finally decided that it had to be done and so a couple of weeks ago the project was started by Dave, Matt and Terry (his two maintenance men). They moved all the furniture from the dining room into one end of the living room which made life very interesting as we ended up sitting on dining room chairs or fought over who got the soft recliners!! It turned into a bit of a bigger project than what was originally thought and I soon lost the whole front wall of the dining room! However, the finished project is absolutely wonderful and after some very hard work by my wonderful husband and his trusty side-kick Matt, you now get to see the finished project!! As a side-note before you head off into the pictures, posting pictures of my decorating skills requires A LOT from me! It used to really bother me and I always felt quite inadequate in this department! However, I have recently figured out that no one lives there but my family and if we are happy, I have succeeded!! Although, I must admit, I doubt that the members of my family are thrilled beyond words at eating their meals surrounded by bears!!! :)
This is a portion of the wall that is brand new. This is where the french doors USED to be. I now only have one door and I like it! You will notice there isn't a picture of the door or a close-up of the window. Why? Well, I don't have the curtains I want because my wallet and husband had heart failure when the cost of what I WANT was made public knowledge!!

This is the corner of the dining room that started all the problems in the first place!

Not your typical use of a bakers rack but another thing you should know about me is that I move stuff around in my house ALL THE TIME! This is the biggest majority of the bears I own!

This is the wall that separates the living room and the dining room! On the china cabinet are the Cherished Teddies I own and they are probably my favorite. I get a new one every year for Christmas and have been known to get them for special occasions through the year! I LOVE my "new" china cabinet that was given to us by a friend!! The roll top desk is also one of my favorites!! I have always wanted one and when this one became available, I was thrilled!!

The next two pictures are just close-ups of what was already described!

This is my new floor and I absolutely love it! Dave did a fantastic job laying it and I am so proud of him!

So, there you have it! The new dining room!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donna said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I can feel your happiness in having the mess cleaned up!! Happy Friday, Office Mate!! :)

Julie Waggoner said...

Sounds like alot of hard work! Everything looks nice!

Janet said...

I am amazed how fast they did it all! Congratulations on your new dining room!!

Vonnie said...

Looks very nice! I know you are so happy to have a nice dining room!

Andry said...

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