Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update with Pictures

So I finally have a picture of Carrie's very first car!!

It is a 1990 Nissan Maxima and is all paid for! She is very proud of it! She loves the sunroof and tinted windows which of course makes her think she looks cool! She is also learning all about what it costs to fill a gas tank!
Then there is my car! It is a 1995 Nissan Maxima! I know - we have this thing about Nissan's I guess! The cool thing about this is that it is also paid for! That is a wonderful blessing!

I was told earlier that I needed to update my blog so - there ya go!!! I hope to finish the dining room tonight and so maybe I will post pictures of that when it is done!


Tara said...

Finally! Thanks for posting something. You know I've gotta have something to read and you're falling behind!

Ashley said...

oh, u so 4got about the cool low rumbling sound that carrie's car makes!!!! Its awesome!!! LOL

Mary Ellen said...

Cool how can we get Tara to start blogging!?!?! Hmmmm!???

And tell Ashley this is a BLOG not a phone and to stop using text old farts have to sit and think about what she is trying to say!

Vonnie said...

Looking in to buying a Nissan Maxima.... we need something that gets good gas mileage, but I guess anything is better than a Ford EXCURSION!!!!

LaDonna said...

I thought you had an Ultima at camp last year? Those Nissan's are great on gas, but don't even think about repairs...those foreign parts will put a hurtin' on your wallet!!!!!