Friday, July 11, 2008

Just "Stuff"

I am, by choice, NOT a baker and I really don't care to cook that much anymore. I do but only on rare occasions according to my youngest child!

One of my responsibilities at work is to take care of the office supplies and the ordering of said items. I usually send out an email on Wednesday's asking that any orders get to me by 10 am on Thursday morning. Well, this past Thursday - what to my wondering eye did appear but an email asking if biscuits and gravy fit in the category of office supplies. Well, I got a brilliant(?) idea and so last night I mixed up biscuits and this morning I got up and mixed up some more and made the gravy and brought them to work. Believe it or not, they actually tasted pretty good! What did NOT please me AT ALL was about half way through the baking process, my oven decided to do something stupid and NOT WORK right! So - I headed off to work with a pan of gravy and 2 sheets of half-cooked biscuits! It was not fun let me tell you! However, the "asker" was pleased and I would gladly tell without any torture AT ALL how much Donna ate!!!!!!

I really had to chuckle to myself last night. I was standing in the kitchen mixing up biscuits like it was Christmas since that is about the ONLY time I actually bake and I thought to myself, "Man - seems like Christmas". Then - I stopped and listened to the random music that Ashley was listening to while she played a computer game. Yes, you guess it - Celine Dion singing Christmas music! Cracked me right up!


Donna said...

I AM WAITING ON THAT APOLOGY!!!!! This is so not true!!!!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend anyway!!

Ashley said...

YES!!!! I am amazing!!! lol see,i knew u were thinkin that all along, so i played that on purpose!!! lol jk NOT!!! lol luv ya mommy!!!

Andrea said...

Hey Leah,
Guess you all are on the countdown now for the BIG DAY!?!? Where are they registered?
Hope your summer is going splendidly!

Faith said...

Well, it's before 10 AM on Thursday... I could handle biscuits and gravy on Friday morning. ;)

We saw David Jr at a distance several times at camp but didn't get to talk with him. Almost every time I said, "Hey, there's David!" Ken couldn't find him... he was looking for little David and couldn't wrap his brain around him being a strapping Marine!