Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick Update

Well - let's see.....
1) wedding is on as previously scheduled
2) both mom's have found their wedding outfits
3) Christa is not in a complete panic yet
4) her Mom is doing a FABULOUS job
5) David is keeping us all on pins and needles but he has been doing that for a LOOOONG time! Please pray that the house and the dress blues get done before we need to start planning his quick and painFUL demise!!!
6) THE dress has arrived safely to the Brides home!
7) I am still working on getting the rehearsal decorations put together!
8) Dave is enjoying the cooler weather at a camp in PA!
9) I still LOOOOOOVE my new carpet!
10) Ashley is involved in VBS this week and working hard to earn the money to pay her Momma for a plane ticket to IN!! On her 17th birthday no less!
11) Carrie is working and spending time with Josh - oh wait, that's not news!
12) The oven is fixed so there will be no more half-baked biscuits...probably not any biscuits at all!
13)And finally.......look for a new blog tomorrow! It will be a good one!

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Vonnie said...

Glad to get caught up in one blog! :)