Monday, July 21, 2008

A "Newsworthy" Blog

If you know me very well, you have probably heard me say this before but here I go again!!
As of today, I have been one whole week without pop or soda (whichever you call it)!! GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See - here's the story! A long time ago, my dear dad got me hooked on Pepsi! To this very day, there is simply nothing better than Pepsi straight from a glass bottle....that is, IF you can find it! Well, Pepsi was always my drink of choice! It is a good thing I am not a beer or wine drinker or I would be an alcoholic for sure! When I was a kid, in one of the many places I lived, there was a lady who was the Postmistress right across the street from our house and we would take her a quarter at the beginning of summer and she would give us a Pepsi! When we took the bottle back to her empty, she gave us another one - that was back when you got money back for turning in the glass bottles! Anyway, I grew and my love for Pepsi grew right along with me! I had no weight struggles so it was no big deal! I got to the point where the first thing I did in the morning was pop open a can of Pepsi or pour a glass and that was how I started my day! About 3 1/2 years ago, I quit - cold turkey! I just quit! Actually, I think it is the one and only New Years Resolution I have ever kept! My only cheat was while I was in Mexico and found Pepsi in a glass bottle that just SCREAMED my name! Then - the dreaded happened! I switched to Diet Mountain Dew! What a nut I was! Pretty soon, I was doing the same thing with it that I had done with Pepsi! While I now struggle with my weight on a daily basis and am still working on losing it, I finally decided that I needed to quit this whole pop thing! This is actually about the third or fourth time I have quit in the past 7 months!! But - once again, it has been a whole week since I have had any pop! I am very proud of myself! I am trying to drink water - which I HATE - and I drink decaffeinated tea sweetened with Splenda! Everyone says it is easier to lose weight when you don't drink pop which I am having a hard time buying right now but I am determined to keep on! So - no more pop for me and I will work on the whole water thing and if it doesn't help me lose weight, at least I will have money for gas in the car!!!!


Mary Ellen said...

Your very last sentence gave me a good chuckle.

I was just in PA and I heard some of the many relatives that were there discussing the whole pop/soda/Coke thing as in how different parts of the country say which thing.

I say, "You POP your girdle - you drink your SODA!"

Ok, now I'm thirsty...I need to go add some more ice to my Mt. Dew sitting here....(wicked laugh)....

Donna said...

This blog is cute!!! Good Luck!! Hope you "kick" the addiction ;)

LaDonna said...

Well, I can tell where you're from by you saying "Pop!" Around these parts it Coke and then they ask you what kind of Coke you want! Or if you're a TRUE Southerner, it's actually Dope!

Anyway, I understand the struggle to drink enough water and how yuck it gets after awhile. I suggest you try the Crystal Light add-ins, especially the Red Raspberry. They're great, kind of like good kool aid, but without the sugar. I use them as a reward for myself after I've had most all of my water!!!! :) Good luck!

Vonnie said...

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Pepsi lover myself. There isn't ANYTHING better!!! But, thankfully, that has never been my downfall... sweets have always been the problem... ooey-gooey sweets!!! UGH!! Good for you - keep it up!! It will be better for you in the long run.. I have actually learned to really like water in the last few years!!

CharleneOwensMomof2 said...

Have you ever tried a lemon or lime wedge in your water? If you like that sort of thing? It helps some people. While I love Pepsi, I refuse to let myself have it but once in a very blue moon. But I love a good, really cold glass of water myself.
The "pop" thing cracked me up as well. I always say soda.
Tomato-tomoto, potato-pototo:)

CharleneOwensMomof2 said...

By the way, certain people, who made a comment on this blog, would do well to follow in your footsteps of kicking the habit, but we won't mention any names. AHEM!!! :)